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North America match results from 2023-04-19 to 2023-04-19

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Victor AshkenaziUnited States00201Grandmaster G02.986118632.281.924.41-8.341833314.48166.50020.0
2Marty StorerUnited States00202Grandmaster G13.393717532.822.435.18+3.934556212.4970.253260.0
3Matt Cohn-GeierUnited States00107Grandmaster G23.08727413.303.074.62+0.37144221113.4841.729756.3
4John O'HaganUnited States00252Grandmaster G23.624337763.524.350.15-22.094561911.6838.691420.0
5Julius HighUnited States003478.9260813.603.820.00+2.777859.4442.5010100.0
6Dana NazarianUnited States00881Grandmaster G23.73177233.632.3611.92-3.522729312.7448.831233.3
7Chris TrencherUnited States00189Grandmaster G23.565426913.652.957.55+11.3663104412.1441.765271.4
8John KleinUnited States00331Grandmaster G34.28474843.793.237.43-0.594587710.9641.763260.0
9Roberto LitzenbergerArgentina00257Master M15.560813764.133.785.40-2.662738512.4232.081233.3
10Ray FogerlundUnited States00327Master M14.48346054.203.736.49+10.2981113910.4535.596366.7
11Ray SpeharUnited States5.004.297.49+1.1671137.5356.5010100.0
12Brandon MacklinUnited States5.494.937.32-0.15275128.9822.261233.3
13Sean GarberUnited States00271Master M25.93158416.315.2013.59-5.68273876.9121.501233.3
14Garry KallosCanada00805Advanced A28.29912226.335.2012.89+3.45456828.2218.943260.0
15David KlausaUnited States00616Master M14.997511306.434.9213.23-6.43457588.1518.493260.0
16Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.003628966.826.119.95+1.786610457.4619.005362.5
17Jeb HortonUnited States00529Master M37.794321086.986.3610.97+7.81457936.8416.524180.0
18Irina LitzenbergerUnited States00368Advanced A17.342311446.995.7912.40-11.25455987.3815.741420.0
19Claude LandryCanada010306.9415717.216.4711.83+9.24365596.9016.943175.0
20Daniel AdlerUnited States010267.3883457.396.0712.99+0.70457627.4016.573260.0
21Kent GouldingUnited States01029Master M24.99881847.475.4919.99+3.6091765.8714.6710100.0
22David ToddUnited States7.828.036.82-1.68182216.1415.79020.0
23Dennis CulpepperUnited States003648.095.2315.39-0.3071426.1710.92010.0
24Jonathan HardigreeUnited States00849Advanced A27.81271778.697.5914.93-7.42457476.0714.092340.0
25Stephen BrittenUnited States010279.1511369.158.0114.61-11.02365036.2915.24040.0
26Scotty KellandUnited States00574Advanced A18.885419759.596.2224.15+14.48456646.3814.764180.0
27Andrew LiebenthalUnited States0102810.03864510.049.2013.99-2.06458475.5010.332340.0
28John PirnerUnited States00405Intermediate I213.330467413.8212.1521.12+1.36459105.3210.111420.0
29Tom DlugoUnited States00807Intermediate I314.137913314.2611.9921.35-3.47365084.668.911325.0
30Rob CraseUnited States0099415.86409016.1716.1016.36+4.68456714.097.893260.0
31Marianne BowenUnited States0095819.041516119.9517.8532.64+9.65457113.766.972340.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Matt Cohn-Geier1697212010218
Jeb Horton5413442816
John Pirner514-33441-7
David Klausa532136351
Garry Kallos532136306
Irina Litzenberger514-31740-23
John Klein532142366
Tom Dlugo413-21731-14
Marty Storer5321382216
John O'Hagan514-32142-21
Andrew Liebenthal523-13043-13
Marianne Bowen523-136288
Daniel Adler53213038-8
Rob Crase532130291
Karen Davis853255469
Jonathan Hardigree523-13438-4
Claude Landry431232239
Victor Ashkenazi202-21018-8
Ray Fogerlund9633695316
Dana Nazarian312-11523-8
Roberto Litzenberger312-11525-10
Chris Trencher7523554114
Stephen Britten404-41936-17
Kent Goulding1101945
Scotty Kelland5413441826
David Todd202-2918-9
Sean Garber312-11722-5
Brandon Macklin312-11826-8
Ray Spehar1101734
Dennis Culpepper101-147-3
Julius High1101743

Total of 31 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Roberto Litzenberger2.75 - 4.59Counts for both players
2edit Wed 2023-04-19John Pirner-9John Klein9.03 - 2.82Counts for both players
3edit Wed 2023-04-19Jeb Horton-9Daniel Adler5.75 - 4.36Counts for both players
4edit Wed 2023-04-19Irina Litzenberger-9Garry Kallos4.86 - 7.34Counts for both players
5edit Wed 2023-04-19John O'Hagan-9Marty Storer3.49 - 2.05Counts for both players
6edit Wed 2023-04-19Andrew Liebenthal-9Rob Crase6.56 - 5.45Counts for both players
7edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis9-Stephen Britten4.86 - 13.59Counts for both players
8edit Wed 2023-04-19Jonathan Hardigree-9Scotty Kelland7.90 - 9.50Counts for both players
9edit Wed 2023-04-19Marianne Bowen-9David Klausa24.24 - 6.03Counts for both players
10edit Wed 2023-04-19Victor Ashkenazi-9Chris Trencher2.17 - 3.04Counts for both players
11edit Wed 2023-04-19Dana Nazarian9-Ray Fogerlund4.02 - 1.82Counts for Dana Nazarian only
12edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Roberto Litzenberger1.80 - 2.78Counts for both players
13edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Roberto Litzenberger4.48 - 4.40Counts for both players
14edit Wed 2023-04-19Victor Ashkenazi-9Chris Trencher2.36 - 2.41Counts for both players
15edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Chris Trencher1.88 - 3.78Counts for both players
16edit Wed 2023-04-19David Klausa-9Daniel Adler7.50 - 10.19Counts for both players
17edit Wed 2023-04-19Garry Kallos9-Stephen Britten6.98 - 6.83Counts for both players
18edit Wed 2023-04-19John Pirner9-Karen Davis23.59 - 8.76Counts for both players
19edit Wed 2023-04-19Marty Storer9-Irina Litzenberger5.58 - 5.80Counts for both players
20edit Wed 2023-04-19Jeb Horton9-Tom Dlugo7.06 - 13.70Counts for both players
21edit Wed 2023-04-19Marianne Bowen-9Rob Crase16.27 - 18.21Counts for both players
22edit Wed 2023-04-19Claude Landry9-Scotty Kelland8.21 - 12.79Counts for both players
23edit Wed 2023-04-19Andrew Liebenthal9-John Klein9.70 - 3.69Counts for both players
24edit Wed 2023-04-19John O'Hagan9-Jonathan Hardigree2.51 - 6.92Counts for both players
25edit Wed 2023-04-19Dana Nazarian-9Ray Fogerlund3.86 - 4.23Counts for Dana Nazarian only
26edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Chris Trencher2.31 - 3.90Counts for both players
27edit Wed 2023-04-19John Klein-9David Klausa4.44 - 7.83Counts for both players
28edit Wed 2023-04-19Daniel Adler9-Marty Storer7.62 - 2.63Counts for both players
29edit Wed 2023-04-19Tom Dlugo-9Scotty Kelland30.48 - 10.96Counts for both players
30edit Wed 2023-04-19Rob Crase9-Stephen Britten18.71 - 7.18Counts for both players
31edit Wed 2023-04-19Garry Kallos-9Jonathan Hardigree2.94 - 5.06Counts for both players
32edit Wed 2023-04-19Andrew Liebenthal-9Claude Landry8.07 - 5.27Counts for both players
33edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis9-John O'Hagan7.26 - 3.85Counts for both players
34edit Wed 2023-04-19Marianne Bowen9-Irina Litzenberger28.06 - 13.24Counts for both players
35edit Wed 2023-04-19Ray Fogerlund-9Chris Trencher4.58 - 3.77Counts for Chris Trencher only
36edit Wed 2023-04-19Dana Nazarian-9Ray Fogerlund2.61 - 2.86Counts for Dana Nazarian only
37edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-David Todd3.33 - 9.96Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
38edit Wed 2023-04-19Ray Fogerlund9-Chris Trencher5.63 - 5.22Counts for Chris Trencher only
39edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-David Todd4.67 - 6.63Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
40edit Wed 2023-04-19Ray Fogerlund9-Chris Trencher4.73 - 3.96Counts for Chris Trencher only
41edit Wed 2023-04-19Irina Litzenberger9-David Klausa7.26 - 5.34Counts for both players
42edit Wed 2023-04-19Tom Dlugo-9John Klein11.78 - 3.71Counts for both players
43edit Wed 2023-04-19Andrew Liebenthal9-Stephen Britten12.13 - 9.73Counts for both players
44edit Wed 2023-04-19Marianne Bowen9-John O'Hagan25.80 - 4.01Counts for both players
45edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis9-Jonathan Hardigree5.78 - 9.63Counts for both players
46edit Wed 2023-04-19Jeb Horton9-Garry Kallos11.60 - 6.30Counts for both players
47edit Wed 2023-04-19Rob Crase-9Marty Storer19.36 - 3.89Counts for both players
48edit Wed 2023-04-19John Pirner-9Scotty Kelland13.22 - 7.67Counts for both players
49edit Wed 2023-04-19Daniel Adler-9Claude Landry3.78 - 4.60Counts for both players
50edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Sean Garber6.02 - 6.86Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
51edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Sean Garber5.00 - 6.35Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
52edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Sean Garber7.79 - 4.82Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
53edit Wed 2023-04-19Jeb Horton9-Marty Storer5.56 - 2.03Counts for both players
54edit Wed 2023-04-19John O'Hagan-9Tom Dlugo4.05 - 14.31Counts for both players
55edit Wed 2023-04-19Irina Litzenberger-9Kent Goulding5.24 - 7.47Counts for both players
56edit Wed 2023-04-19Rob Crase-9Scotty Kelland20.83 - 7.27Counts for both players
57edit Wed 2023-04-19Jonathan Hardigree9-John Pirner12.57 - 15.87Counts for both players
58edit Wed 2023-04-19John Klein9-Marianne Bowen4.79 - 13.93Counts for both players
59edit Wed 2023-04-19Claude Landry-9Garry Kallos8.79 - 7.78Counts for both players
60edit Wed 2023-04-19Andrew Liebenthal-9David Klausa11.83 - 5.84Counts for both players
61edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis9-Daniel Adler7.20 - 9.31Counts for both players
62edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Brandon Macklin2.37 - 4.35Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
63edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Brandon Macklin1.07 - 5.01Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
64edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Brandon Macklin2.36 - 8.10Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
65edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier9-Ray Fogerlund4.30 - 4.31Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
66edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Ray Fogerlund2.45 - 3.99Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
67edit Wed 2023-04-19Matt Cohn-Geier-9Ray Fogerlund1.56 - 5.33Counts for Matt Cohn-Geier only
68edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis-7Julius High5.01 - 3.60Counts for Karen Davis only
69edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis7-Dennis Culpepper7.89 - 8.09Counts for Karen Davis only
70edit Wed 2023-04-19Karen Davis-7Ray Spehar7.44 - 5.00Counts for Karen Davis only
71edit Wed 2023-04-19Jeb Horton9-John Pirner7.30 - 12.23Counts for both players
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