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North America match results from 2023-03-27 to 2023-03-27

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Steve ReicheltUnited States010005.6217365.624.6011.26-7.08365878.3921.742250.0
2Jeff SpencerUnited States010127.1355277.147.365.85-1.82274396.6518.292166.7
3Franklin ScottUnited States010117.5751367.586.3313.92-0.84366387.5115.193175.0
4Steve BinenstockUnited States010038.3051368.318.149.32+4.69364965.3316.003175.0
5Gregg TrunnellUnited States010018.3303278.337.0115.85+4.89273346.8211.9330100.0
6Steve WallerUnited States010078.6126368.618.449.63-9.32365017.7117.281325.0
7Koni KoganUnited States010099.0608189.067.2518.37+4.80182766.0012.5520100.0
8Michael MesichUnited States010059.1133369.117.7314.30-2.17366686.2413.362250.0
9Steve HansonUnited States010069.7650279.769.1713.05+5.40274385.6210.6830100.0
10April MesichUnited States0101011.75333611.7510.1524.45-3.27364465.1910.37040.0
11Apollo LammersUnited States0100212.21383612.219.4332.50+1.96364724.9710.262250.0
12Ed ZiescheUnited States0100414.35503614.3610.4528.03-1.68367523.988.171325.0
13Jean WilliamsUnited States0099915.45413615.4513.8922.83-2.67366294.198.74040.0
14Riley HarrisonUnited States0100818.73442718.7318.5419.36+7.12275783.756.961233.3

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Jean Williams404-42136-15
Gregg Trunnell3303271017
Steve Binenstock4312302010
Michael Mesich422031265
Ed Ziesche413-22235-13
Steve Reichelt422029281
April Mesich404-41736-19
Jeff Spencer321120200
Steve Waller413-22331-8
Steve Hanson3303271611
Franklin Scott431233312
Apollo Lammers422027252
Riley Harrison312-12123-2
Koni Kogan22021899

Total of 14 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Binenstock9-Jean Williams5.38 - 28.72Counts for both players
2edit Mon 2023-03-27Michael Mesich9-Riley Harrison8.91 - 15.54Counts for both players
3edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Reichelt-9Koni Kogan4.31 - 7.58Counts for both players
4edit Mon 2023-03-27Jeff Spencer9-Steve Waller6.82 - 5.53Counts for both players
5edit Mon 2023-03-27April Mesich-9Franklin Scott8.72 - 6.84Counts for both players
6edit Mon 2023-03-27Gregg Trunnell9-Ed Ziesche8.94 - 16.29Counts for both players
7edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Hanson9-Apollo Lammers6.33 - 14.43Counts for both players
8edit Mon 2023-03-27Jean Williams-9Steve Reichelt12.65 - 6.43Counts for both players
9edit Mon 2023-03-27Gregg Trunnell9-Apollo Lammers11.21 - 16.27Counts for both players
10edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Binenstock9-Steve Waller9.66 - 7.43Counts for both players
11edit Mon 2023-03-27April Mesich-9Steve Hanson12.67 - 10.59Counts for both players
12edit Mon 2023-03-27Michael Mesich-9Franklin Scott7.56 - 7.84Counts for both players
13edit Mon 2023-03-27Jeff Spencer9-Ed Ziesche5.81 - 13.81Counts for both players
14edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Binenstock9-Ed Ziesche9.71 - 15.94Counts for both players
15edit Mon 2023-03-27Michael Mesich-9Steve Hanson13.00 - 12.82Counts for both players
16edit Mon 2023-03-27Jean Williams-9Riley Harrison11.68 - 19.19Counts for both players
17edit Mon 2023-03-27April Mesich-9Apollo Lammers14.19 - 9.87Counts for both players
18edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Waller-9Steve Reichelt10.77 - 6.65Counts for both players
19edit Mon 2023-03-27Franklin Scott-9Koni Kogan9.96 - 10.15Counts for both players
20edit Mon 2023-03-27Ed Ziesche9-Steve Reichelt12.31 - 5.11Counts for both players
21edit Mon 2023-03-27Michael Mesich9-April Mesich4.91 - 11.51Counts for both players
22edit Mon 2023-03-27Jean Williams-9Franklin Scott11.44 - 5.17Counts for both players
23edit Mon 2023-03-27Jeff Spencer-9Apollo Lammers9.31 - 9.65Counts for both players
24edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Waller9-Riley Harrison11.02 - 23.08Counts for both players
25edit Mon 2023-03-27Steve Binenstock-9Gregg Trunnell8.51 - 5.85Counts for both players
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