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North America match results from 2023-03-02 to 2023-03-02

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Matt Cohn-GeierUnited States00107Grandmaster G23.15036522.442.660.99-0.511523311.1077.67010.0
2Di DiUnited States009543.3657363.372.995.80+8.153657813.4430.423175.0
3Chris TrencherUnited States00189Grandmaster G33.818124113.523.036.64+17.166086311.0637.5240100.0
4Petko KostadinovBulgaria00115Grandmaster G23.83899603.883.993.49-2.04304329.6043.201150.0
5Dennis CulpepperUnited States003643.893.594.93-5.781527110.4238.71010.0
6Michael SenkiewiczUnited States00326Master M14.22902085.295.096.21-3.10152647.7624.00010.0
7Michael KleinGermany009515.6706365.674.7411.49+2.66365377.4624.413175.0
8Jeb HortonUnited States00529Master M37.092818605.945.199.96-9.47366598.0420.592250.0
9John BrownUnited States00953Master M36.45541786.425.719.51-2.60366267.0317.893175.0
10Irina LitzenbergerUnited States00368Advanced A16.78409346.694.8614.53+8.00365386.8117.933175.0
11Ian TerryUnited States00468Master M36.457811437.796.6213.07-3.31365416.5216.391325.0
12Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.858123917.805.5024.09+5.17365498.0717.163175.0
13Kate ElmoreUnited States008257.9762818.007.2710.39-2.09365616.3017.002250.0
14Bill LonerganUnited States00721Advanced A17.33292798.037.0112.02+0.64366975.7613.942250.0
15George KellerUnited States009608.0354368.047.2011.51-0.96365686.0416.711325.0
16Avi CohenUnited States00826Master M36.75962698.165.7419.61-7.42366366.6312.721325.0
17Art MooreUnited States8.436.2815.09-5.73152377.1811.85010.0
18Philippe SalnaveUnited States00487Advanced A17.68212578.827.2817.60+15.29366106.3512.4540100.0
19Samra HaddenUnited States009528.9559368.966.4619.21+5.91365165.6713.952250.0
20John PirnerUnited States00405Intermediate I212.99605049.017.4714.08+0.55367135.2811.692250.0
21Eric HinerUnited States008829.6814889.639.599.84+1.89364555.6213.793175.0
22Melanie HughesUnited States009569.7705369.778.9914.23-3.16365785.3012.842250.0
23Alec IzzoUnited States00489Advanced A28.36292729.817.9619.41-5.95366015.8313.661325.0
24Scotty KellandUnited States00574Advanced A19.3800165510.106.6927.25+7.59365426.3014.263175.0
25Will MorganUnited States0095710.63223610.638.5419.29-17.10364616.3211.24040.0
26GL HarvieUnited States00404Intermediate I111.181925110.989.9518.77-10.69365045.5410.961325.0
27Tiffany VanUnited States0095511.39743611.409.4621.19+11.01365564.8810.493175.0
28Jerry SheaUnited States00577Advanced A39.205640611.8310.6119.10+2.06364934.7911.471325.0
29Mehmet AgirbasUnited States0090010.26807512.2410.5717.70+5.32366244.809.182250.0
30Bob EllisUnited States0095012.86853612.8710.9618.82+4.61366434.599.462250.0
31Rick TaylorUnited States0095915.66673615.6712.3226.77-19.69364365.329.48040.0
32Marianne BowenUnited States0095819.88678119.7915.6833.65+3.58364543.826.222250.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
John Pirner422033285
Bob Ellis42202628-2
Eric Hiner431229236
John Brown431232248
Jeb Horton42202832-4
Tiffany Van431231229
Avi Cohen413-22830-2
GL Harvie413-22333-10
Melanie Hughes42202431-7
Will Morgan404-41436-22
Samra Hadden422027216
Mehmet Agirbas422028271
Ian Terry413-22534-9
Di Di4312341321
Marianne Bowen422027261
Rick Taylor404-4736-29
George Keller413-22427-3
Michael Klein431234286
Bill Lonergan422033294
Jerry Shea413-22032-12
Chris Trencher4404603129
Michael Senkiewicz101-1915-6
Matt Cohn-Geier101-11315-2
Petko Kostadinov21101924-5
Karen Davis431227234
Alec Izzo413-22532-7
Irina Litzenberger4312342014
Scotty Kelland431231229
Kate Elmore42202629-3
Philippe Salnave4404362016
Art Moore101-1515-10
Dennis Culpepper101-1915-6

Total of 32 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Thu 2023-03-02Tiffany Van-9Scotty Kelland17.11 - 10.32Counts for both players
2edit Thu 2023-03-02Melanie Hughes-9John Brown13.88 - 8.37Counts for both players
3edit Thu 2023-03-02Avi Cohen9-Mehmet Agirbas7.26 - 13.43Counts for both players
4edit Thu 2023-03-02Ian Terry9-Kate Elmore5.75 - 9.60Counts for both players
5edit Thu 2023-03-02Marianne Bowen9-Rick Taylor17.75 - 14.88Counts for both players
6edit Thu 2023-03-02Eric Hiner9-Michael Klein9.77 - 2.59Counts for both players
7edit Thu 2023-03-02GL Harvie-9Bob Ellis13.07 - 12.41Counts for both players
8edit Thu 2023-03-02Bill Lonergan9-Alec Izzo10.21 - 14.68Counts for both players
9edit Thu 2023-03-02Jerry Shea-9Irina Litzenberger10.88 - 6.39Counts for both players
10edit Thu 2023-03-02George Keller-9Philippe Salnave7.62 - 6.59Counts for both players
11edit Thu 2023-03-02Di Di9-Karen Davis2.54 - 6.82Counts for both players
12edit Thu 2023-03-02Samra Hadden9-Will Morgan10.26 - 11.28Counts for both players
13edit Thu 2023-03-02Jeb Horton-9John Pirner5.44 - 6.53Counts for both players
14edit Thu 2023-03-02Michael Senkiewicz-15Chris Trencher5.29 - 2.63Counts for both players
15edit Thu 2023-03-02Petko Kostadinov15-Dennis Culpepper4.79 - 3.89Counts for Petko Kostadinov only
16edit Thu 2023-03-02Eric Hiner9-Samra Hadden12.80 - 11.58Counts for both players
17edit Thu 2023-03-02Bob Ellis9-Alec Izzo12.71 - 10.28Counts for both players
18edit Thu 2023-03-02Jeb Horton9-Bill Lonergan6.43 - 6.66Counts for both players
19edit Thu 2023-03-02John Pirner-9Michael Klein8.77 - 6.09Counts for both players
20edit Thu 2023-03-02Avi Cohen-9Kate Elmore15.10 - 9.96Counts for both players
21edit Thu 2023-03-02GL Harvie-9Tiffany Van9.32 - 7.58Counts for both players
22edit Thu 2023-03-02Melanie Hughes-9Philippe Salnave11.65 - 10.30Counts for both players
23edit Thu 2023-03-02Will Morgan-9Di Di6.48 - 4.45Counts for both players
24edit Thu 2023-03-02Rick Taylor-9Karen Davis20.19 - 7.32Counts for both players
25edit Thu 2023-03-02Marianne Bowen-9Irina Litzenberger15.22 - 5.80Counts for both players
26edit Thu 2023-03-02Mehmet Agirbas9-George Keller13.92 - 11.11Counts for both players
27edit Thu 2023-03-02Ian Terry-9Scotty Kelland7.47 - 15.68Counts for both players
28edit Thu 2023-03-02Jerry Shea9-John Brown13.24 - 6.84Counts for both players
29edit Thu 2023-03-02Chris Trencher15-Petko Kostadinov5.59 - 2.56Counts for both players
30edit Thu 2023-03-02John Pirner-9Karen Davis11.07 - 7.31Counts for both players
31edit Thu 2023-03-02Eric Hiner-9Di Di7.43 - 3.90Counts for both players
32edit Thu 2023-03-02Avi Cohen-9Irina Litzenberger5.79 - 8.69Counts for both players
33edit Thu 2023-03-02Samra Hadden9-Kate Elmore6.05 - 5.30Counts for both players
34edit Thu 2023-03-02Melanie Hughes9-Alec Izzo8.58 - 8.18Counts for both players
35edit Thu 2023-03-02Michael Klein9-Scotty Kelland6.78 - 5.43Counts for both players
36edit Thu 2023-03-02Will Morgan-9Mehmet Agirbas10.34 - 12.70Counts for both players
37edit Thu 2023-03-02Ian Terry-9John Brown9.83 - 6.12Counts for both players
38edit Thu 2023-03-02Bob Ellis-9Tiffany Van14.35 - 11.99Counts for both players
39edit Thu 2023-03-02Rick Taylor-9George Keller8.76 - 5.57Counts for both players
40edit Thu 2023-03-02Bill Lonergan-9Marianne Bowen7.16 - 24.39Counts for both players
41edit Thu 2023-03-02Jeb Horton9-GL Harvie4.53 - 9.98Counts for both players
42edit Thu 2023-03-02Jerry Shea-9Philippe Salnave7.09 - 6.01Counts for both players
43edit Thu 2023-03-02Matt Cohn-Geier-15Chris Trencher2.44 - 3.51Counts for both players
44edit Thu 2023-03-02Bob Ellis-9Michael Klein12.54 - 6.44Counts for both players
45edit Thu 2023-03-02John Brown9-Irina Litzenberger5.20 - 5.55Counts for both players
46edit Thu 2023-03-02Avi Cohen-9Melanie Hughes5.58 - 7.29Counts for both players
47edit Thu 2023-03-02Mehmet Agirbas-9Karen Davis9.44 - 9.39Counts for both players
48edit Thu 2023-03-02Di Di-9Philippe Salnave2.57 - 11.61Counts for both players
49edit Thu 2023-03-02GL Harvie9-Rick Taylor11.51 - 18.27Counts for both players
50edit Thu 2023-03-02George Keller-9Kate Elmore6.74 - 6.57Counts for both players
51edit Thu 2023-03-02Eric Hiner9-Marianne Bowen9.53 - 22.39Counts for both players
52edit Thu 2023-03-02Ian Terry-9John Pirner8.13 - 7.99Counts for both players
53edit Thu 2023-03-02Bill Lonergan9-Jerry Shea8.45 - 15.07Counts for both players
54edit Thu 2023-03-02Samra Hadden-9Tiffany Van8.39 - 10.36Counts for both players
55edit Thu 2023-03-02Will Morgan-9Alec Izzo15.12 - 6.08Counts for both players
56edit Thu 2023-03-02Chris Trencher15-Art Moore2.90 - 8.43Counts for Chris Trencher only
57edit Thu 2023-03-02Jeb Horton-9Scotty Kelland6.86 - 8.56Counts for both players
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