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North America match results from 2022-12-09 to 2022-12-09

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1David Wells2.322.053.83-3.991830013.6475.001150.0
2Steve SaxUnited States00169Grandmaster G23.522551872.912.634.43-1.746798312.6051.743442.9
3Dana NazarianUnited States00881Grandmaster G23.70678403.423.214.34-0.53913817.2527.60010.0
4Pete MostoufiUnited States3.721.6115.70+5.7196010.0060.0010100.0
5Ted CheeUnited States4.133.267.91+4.861119911.0622.1110100.0
6Marty StorerUnited States00202Grandmaster G13.354018104.143.775.57+3.05274018.9130.851233.3
7Kimon PapachristopoulosGermany4.304.932.20-1.73917310.8124.71010.0
8John O'HaganUnited States00252Grandmaster G23.593140694.403.469.02-0.9281147510.6130.736366.7
9Joe UrsoUnited States00801Master M15.423014174.503.5410.52+8.9267122010.0032.114357.1
10Ken BameUnited States00876Master M36.64591374.524.375.92-2.42112529.6928.00010.0
11Matt ReklaitisUnited States003325.4601954.743.6210.52+2.21184069.9031.2320100.0
12Chris TrencherUnited States00189Grandmaster G24.194628324.773.868.47-2.68406299.6825.161325.0
13Frank Ley5.034.079.68-5.789647.1121.33010.0
14Chuck Bower5.144.846.05-1.70914014.0035.00010.0
15John SkratuliaUnited States5.585.784.06-3.11111599.3531.80010.0
16David VakilUnited States00913Master M25.78711245.604.5310.92-0.598311778.2922.635455.6
17Phil SimborgUnited States00124Advanced A28.10534015.715.765.45-1.8591597.5719.88010.0
18Jake JacobsUnited States010564.586695.826.182.22+1.0891528.4421.7110100.0
19Al HodisUnited States6.326.405.81+1.27223408.7220.001150.0
20Todd Crosner6.678.080.61-2.4971486.4316.44010.0
21Bill ArkinUnited States7.625.6221.88+3.61111386.5715.3310100.0
22Robert VirnigUnited States7.865.9021.56+4.14142477.4816.4720100.0
23Long Nguyen7.877.0812.11+1.45111994.9813.2710100.0
24Herb RomanUnited States00253Master M35.90191087.915.1916.84+1.0891677.5915.1810100.0
25Ronald WertheimUnknown Country8.036.5818.67+0.29112166.3515.4310100.0
26Scotty KellandUnited States00574Advanced A18.1749230010.038.6514.10+0.90183086.429.631150.0
27John Rockwell10.228.7916.75-5.16203225.1910.391150.0
28Joe Friedman11.469.1418.84+1.80111884.489.89010.0
29Molly Anderson12.6112.3613.43-0.9791594.687.57010.0
30Karam Ashoo13.8513.5615.05-1.9291193.617.44010.0
31Harutyun YesayanUnknown Country21.6917.1834.60-2.789854.728.50010.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
John O'Hagan963374677
Joe Urso7431614615
Todd Crosner101-157-2
Marty Storer312-11620-4
John Rockwell21101218-6
Ken Bame101-1811-3
Matt Reklaitis220218144
Ronald Wertheim110111101
David Vakil954163558
Chris Trencher413-22838-10
Al Hodis211020164
Steve Sax734-150500
Frank Ley101-109-9
Robert Virnig220214104
David Wells21101215-3
Dana Nazarian101-159-4
Joe Friedman101-11011-1
Scotty Kelland211017143
Kimon Papachristopoulos101-169-3
Herb Roman1101972
Molly Anderson101-169-3
Harutyun Yesayan101-109-9
Chuck Bower101-159-4
Long Nguyen11011174
Jake Jacobs1101963
Karam Ashoo101-139-6
Bill Arkin11011156
Pete Mostoufi1101909
Ted Chee11011165
Phil Simborg101-169-3
John Skratulia101-1611-5

Total of 31 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Fri 2022-12-09Marty Storer-11John O'Hagan5.09 - 2.88Counts for both players
2edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil-11Long Nguyen3.94 - 7.87Counts for David Vakil only
3edit Fri 2022-12-09Steve Sax-11Al Hodis2.07 - 4.12Counts for Steve Sax only
4edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil-11Bill Arkin4.46 - 7.62Counts for David Vakil only
5edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan11-Joe Friedman4.29 - 11.46Counts for John O'Hagan only
6edit Fri 2022-12-09Ken Bame-11Joe Urso4.52 - 2.93Counts for Joe Urso only
7edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil9-Molly Anderson7.32 - 12.61Counts for David Vakil only
8edit Fri 2022-12-09Al Hodis-11Chris Trencher7.55 - 4.63Counts for Chris Trencher only
9edit Fri 2022-12-09Steve Sax-11Ted Chee3.92 - 4.13Counts for Steve Sax only
10edit Fri 2022-12-09Steve Sax11-John Skratulia3.47 - 5.58Counts for Steve Sax only
11edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan-11Scotty Kelland5.73 - 12.70Counts for both players
12edit Fri 2022-12-09John Rockwell-11Joe Urso10.86 - 5.18Counts for Joe Urso only
13edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil9-Karam Ashoo5.28 - 13.85Counts for David Vakil only
14edit Fri 2022-12-09Matt Reklaitis11-Chris Trencher5.19 - 4.41Counts for Chris Trencher only
15edit Fri 2022-12-09Steve Sax9-Phil Simborg3.00 - 5.71Counts for Steve Sax only
16edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan9-Kimon Papachristopoulos8.95 - 4.30Counts for John O'Hagan only
17edit Fri 2022-12-09Ronald Wertheim11-Joe Urso8.03 - 4.76Counts for Joe Urso only
18edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil9-Harutyun Yesayan6.76 - 21.69Counts for David Vakil only
19edit Fri 2022-12-09Chris Trencher-9Pete Mostoufi9.11 - 3.72Counts for Chris Trencher only
20edit Fri 2022-12-09Frank Ley-9Steve Sax5.03 - 1.81Counts for Steve Sax only
21edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan9-Dana Nazarian2.49 - 3.42Counts for John O'Hagan only
22edit Fri 2022-12-09Joe Urso9-Marty Storer8.71 - 2.62Counts for both players
23edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil9-Chuck Bower5.32 - 5.14Counts for David Vakil only
24edit Fri 2022-12-09Chris Trencher-9John Rockwell4.00 - 9.50Counts for Chris Trencher only
25edit Fri 2022-12-09David Wells9-Steve Sax2.01 - 1.74Counts for Steve Sax only
26edit Fri 2022-12-09Joe Urso9-John O'Hagan3.36 - 4.27Counts for both players
27edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil9-David Wells4.22 - 2.74Counts for David Vakil only
28edit Fri 2022-12-09Robert Virnig7-Steve Sax11.02 - 4.38Counts for Steve Sax only
29edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan7-Scotty Kelland3.54 - 6.79Counts for both players
30edit Fri 2022-12-09Joe Urso-9Herb Roman6.41 - 7.91Counts for Joe Urso only
31edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil-9Jake Jacobs7.26 - 5.82Counts for David Vakil only
32edit Fri 2022-12-09Todd Crosner-7John O'Hagan6.67 - 3.88Counts for John O'Hagan only
33edit Fri 2022-12-09Matt Reklaitis7-Joe Urso4.19 - 3.50Counts for Joe Urso only
34edit Fri 2022-12-09David Vakil-7Marty Storer6.05 - 3.12Counts for both players
35edit Fri 2022-12-09John O'Hagan-7Robert Virnig4.28 - 6.35Counts for John O'Hagan only
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