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North America match results from 2022-04-21 to 2022-04-21

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Ed O'LaughlinUnited States2.142.092.55-8.531828617.8895.33020.0
2Victor AshkenaziUnited States00201Grandmaster G02.986118632.942.853.38-3.7690141614.7548.836460.0
3Kit WoolseyUnited States00123Grandmaster G23.899912274.203.826.26-5.154552511.6730.881420.0
4Jason PackUnited States00157Master M14.73534885.114.529.34+0.899914248.5324.146554.5
5Michael UrbanGermany5.834.6112.23+13.217211727.9726.045362.5
6Sean GarberUnited States00271Master M25.93158416.485.1414.80-1.66364627.0019.253175.0
7Arash GhafouriUnknown Country11.028.9623.84+5.01366294.8410.311325.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Jason Pack1165173721
Michael Urban8532625012
Kit Woolsey514-31939-20
Victor Ashkenazi10642756510
Arash Ghafouri413-22635-9
Ed O'Laughlin202-2818-10
Sean Garber4312351916

Total of 7 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban-9Jason Pack5.41 - 5.42Counts for Jason Pack only
2edit Thu 2022-04-21Victor Ashkenazi9-Arash Ghafouri2.34 - 16.83Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
3edit Thu 2022-04-21Kit Woolsey-9Sean Garber10.14 - 9.27Counts for both players
4edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban9-Jason Pack4.33 - 6.38Counts for Jason Pack only
5edit Thu 2022-04-21Victor Ashkenazi-9Arash Ghafouri1.49 - 13.04Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
6edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban9-Jason Pack4.05 - 9.26Counts for Jason Pack only
7edit Thu 2022-04-21Kit Woolsey-9Sean Garber5.56 - 6.27Counts for both players
8edit Thu 2022-04-21Kit Woolsey9-Jason Pack2.34 - 2.45Counts for both players
9edit Thu 2022-04-21Kit Woolsey-9Jason Pack2.99 - 7.01Counts for both players
10edit Thu 2022-04-21Kit Woolsey-9Jason Pack4.52 - 6.63Counts for both players
11edit Thu 2022-04-21Jason Pack9-Arash Ghafouri3.71 - 4.87Counts for Jason Pack only
12edit Thu 2022-04-21Victor Ashkenazi9-Ed O'Laughlin1.34 - 3.11Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
13edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban-9Sean Garber5.50 - 8.32Counts for Sean Garber only
14edit Thu 2022-04-21Jason Pack9-Arash Ghafouri4.36 - 8.63Counts for Jason Pack only
15edit Thu 2022-04-21Victor Ashkenazi9-Ed O'Laughlin3.13 - 1.04Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
16edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban9-Sean Garber10.23 - 4.66Counts for Sean Garber only
17edit Thu 2022-04-21Jason Pack-9Victor Ashkenazi3.28 - 4.95Counts for both players
18edit Thu 2022-04-21Jason Pack9-Victor Ashkenazi5.22 - 2.28Counts for both players
19edit Thu 2022-04-21Jason Pack-9Victor Ashkenazi2.97 - 3.68Counts for both players
20edit Thu 2022-04-21Victor Ashkenazi-9Michael Urban4.52 - 3.86Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
21edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban-9Victor Ashkenazi7.35 - 4.20Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
22edit Thu 2022-04-21Michael Urban9-Victor Ashkenazi3.20 - 2.40Counts for Victor Ashkenazi only
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