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North America match results from 2021-10-08 to 2021-10-08

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Steve SaxUnited States00169Grandmaster G23.334545093.463.114.78-7.703552311.1343.581233.3
2Gyl Savoie4.403.0312.94-0.11111889.8926.86010.0
3Art BenjaminUnited States00403Master M14.47854404.763.868.44+6.24557928.3424.753260.0
4Saba BejanishviliGeorgia00724Master M25.52594134.813.2012.48+4.50112719.3424.6410100.0
5Albert StegUnited States00504Master M15.42758615.104.328.83+1.938814849.3924.334450.0
6Jose Farco5.865.786.51-2.13111778.4322.13010.0
7Gary KoscielnyUnited States00571Master M36.08772016.004.8311.56-1.17559738.3918.364180.0
8Joe UrsoUnited States00801Master M14.894310686.255.628.94+4.53111816.9618.1010100.0
9Stacy TurnerUnited States00483Master M14.98952796.285.6210.06+1.58446887.9118.112250.0
10Irina LitzenbergerUnited States00368Advanced A17.28747146.295.0212.69+6.79557547.4718.854180.0
11Jacob AtiePanama00720Master M35.80291076.786.258.94-6.13447887.0416.081325.0
12Bill LonerganUnited States00721Advanced A17.33292796.935.4813.40+4.57559307.3819.793260.0
13Alec IzzoUnited States00489Advanced A28.36292727.315.8316.23-2.11557097.0917.293260.0
14Carlos AzcarateUnited States005737.5181997.776.4713.73-0.27447746.1916.472250.0
15Philippe SalnaveUnited States00487Advanced A17.68212577.876.3714.07+7.375510606.4215.144180.0
16Scotty KellandUnited States00574Advanced A19.155916108.447.2714.71-2.97447266.4214.822250.0
17Ray FogerlundUnited States00327Master M25.59523068.765.9023.23+6.70131587.9017.5610100.0
18Ray LightbournUnited States00493Intermediate I112.49682208.829.246.18-2.99334695.5813.791233.3
19Jerry SheaUnited States00577Advanced A39.20564068.849.486.62-4.835510416.5114.662340.0
20Jerry UngarUnited States00722Advanced A38.86801079.427.7515.63-3.755510136.1012.662340.0
21Tim ElliottUnited States00576Intermediate I110.241110210.8710.7211.34-1.84557585.4111.843260.0
22John PirnerUnited States00405Intermediate I212.555545912.9710.3320.12-0.265510424.768.981420.0
23Michael PinesUnited States00719Intermediate I213.323515913.3912.0519.80-16.88558014.8510.40050.0
24Joel RabineUnited States0072315.55725515.5614.1720.33+12.44559383.967.443260.0
25Cameron Govonlu19.2715.7737.03-3.5011795.646.08010.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Michael Pines505-53055-25
Jerry Ungar523-142420
Jerry Shea523-14050-10
Bill Lonergan532150419
Gary Koscielny5413514011
Albert Steg844080737
Art Benjamin5321473314
Carlos Azcarate42203236-4
John Pirner514-34448-4
Alec Izzo53213347-14
Stacy Turner422036342
Philippe Salnave541347416
Tim Elliott53214146-5
Jacob Atie413-23236-4
Steve Sax312-12124-3
Irina Litzenberger5413463412
Ray Lightbourn312-12427-3
Joel Rabine532146379
Scotty Kelland422037343
Ray Fogerlund110113211
Jose Farco101-1711-4
Joe Urso11011192
Gyl Savoie101-1911-2
Cameron Govonlu101-1011-11
Saba Bejanishvili11011183

Total of 25 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg11-Jose Farco5.20 - 5.86Counts for Albert Steg only
2edit Fri 2021-10-08Steve Sax11-Cameron Govonlu5.59 - 19.27Counts for Steve Sax only
3edit Fri 2021-10-08Steve Sax-11Saba Bejanishvili2.43 - 4.81Counts for both players
4edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg-11Joe Urso4.32 - 6.25Counts for Albert Steg only
5edit Fri 2021-10-08Michael Pines-11Philippe Salnave10.09 - 6.68Counts for both players
6edit Fri 2021-10-08Jerry Shea-11Irina Litzenberger6.78 - 4.37Counts for both players
7edit Fri 2021-10-08Gary Koscielny11-Joel Rabine4.41 - 10.76Counts for both players
8edit Fri 2021-10-08Carlos Azcarate-11Scotty Kelland10.64 - 9.25Counts for both players
9edit Fri 2021-10-08Stacy Turner11-Bill Lonergan3.85 - 9.01Counts for both players
10edit Fri 2021-10-08Jacob Atie-11Alec Izzo4.84 - 6.40Counts for both players
11edit Fri 2021-10-08Art Benjamin11-John Pirner2.82 - 15.30Counts for both players
12edit Fri 2021-10-08Tim Elliott-11Ray Lightbourn11.78 - 6.24Counts for both players
13edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg11-Jerry Ungar8.50 - 6.50Counts for both players
14edit Fri 2021-10-08Jerry Shea-11Joel Rabine7.41 - 19.30Counts for both players
15edit Fri 2021-10-08Gary Koscielny11-Scotty Kelland9.36 - 8.82Counts for both players
16edit Fri 2021-10-08Stacy Turner-11Philippe Salnave7.94 - 10.02Counts for both players
17edit Fri 2021-10-08Art Benjamin11-Alec Izzo3.43 - 11.82Counts for both players
18edit Fri 2021-10-08John Pirner-11Bill Lonergan11.62 - 5.73Counts for both players
19edit Fri 2021-10-08Stacy Turner11-Irina Litzenberger4.37 - 7.10Counts for both players
20edit Fri 2021-10-08Jacob Atie-11Carlos Azcarate6.17 - 8.32Counts for both players
21edit Fri 2021-10-08Jerry Ungar11-Philippe Salnave7.72 - 6.33Counts for both players
22edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg11-Ray Lightbourn3.07 - 10.30Counts for both players
23edit Fri 2021-10-08Michael Pines-11Tim Elliott9.49 - 12.56Counts for both players
24edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg-11Gary Koscielny3.95 - 7.31Counts for both players
25edit Fri 2021-10-08Alec Izzo11-Scotty Kelland8.79 - 10.22Counts for both players
26edit Fri 2021-10-08Art Benjamin11-Stacy Turner9.20 - 8.49Counts for both players
27edit Fri 2021-10-08Philippe Salnave11-Joel Rabine8.71 - 15.32Counts for both players
28edit Fri 2021-10-08John Pirner11-Michael Pines7.52 - 16.06Counts for both players
29edit Fri 2021-10-08Jerry Ungar-11Tim Elliott10.97 - 9.73Counts for both players
30edit Fri 2021-10-08Carlos Azcarate-11Irina Litzenberger7.06 - 7.32Counts for both players
31edit Fri 2021-10-08Jacob Atie-11Jerry Shea8.71 - 15.14Counts for both players
32edit Fri 2021-10-08Ray Lightbourn-11Bill Lonergan9.54 - 6.45Counts for both players
33edit Fri 2021-10-08Jerry Ungar-11Jerry Shea9.79 - 8.90Counts for both players
34edit Fri 2021-10-08Art Benjamin-11Gary Koscielny3.55 - 5.36Counts for both players
35edit Fri 2021-10-08John Pirner-11Joel Rabine12.93 - 18.00Counts for both players
36edit Fri 2021-10-08Irina Litzenberger11-Alec Izzo9.07 - 2.82Counts for both players
37edit Fri 2021-10-08Bill Lonergan-11Carlos Azcarate5.87 - 5.01Counts for both players
38edit Fri 2021-10-08Michael Pines-11Jacob Atie17.09 - 6.91Counts for both players
39edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg-11Tim Elliott9.66 - 9.68Counts for both players
40edit Fri 2021-10-08Michael Pines-11Jerry Ungar16.43 - 12.05Counts for both players
41edit Fri 2021-10-08Bill Lonergan11-Jerry Shea7.67 - 6.43Counts for both players
42edit Fri 2021-10-08John Pirner-11Scotty Kelland14.57 - 6.04Counts for both players
43edit Fri 2021-10-08Tim Elliott-11Joel Rabine10.38 - 8.02Counts for both players
44edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg-11Alec Izzo3.33 - 6.67Counts for both players
45edit Fri 2021-10-08Gary Koscielny-11Irina Litzenberger3.38 - 5.91Counts for both players
46edit Fri 2021-10-08Art Benjamin-11Philippe Salnave4.97 - 6.88Counts for both players
47edit Fri 2021-10-08Albert Steg11-Gyl Savoie4.72 - 4.40Counts for Albert Steg only
48edit Fri 2021-10-08Steve Sax-13Ray Fogerlund4.29 - 8.76Counts for Steve Sax only
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