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North America match results from 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-04

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Steve SaxUnited States00169Grandmaster G23.522248303.823.038.21-5.574470711.0537.213175.0
2Frank TalbotUnited States00292Master M15.28723194.413.867.61-6.08558969.8524.224180.0
3Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.003628964.603.897.37-10.015569110.6326.583260.0
4Stacy TurnerUnited States00483Master M14.98952794.653.5110.06+17.79556839.2331.0550100.0
5Cary HoartyUnited States004845.2777905.675.008.69-6.34557768.5325.872340.0
6Perry GartnerUnited States00346Master M36.55001285.985.637.37+10.40446898.2019.693175.0
7Bahman ZandiUnited States004856.8130556.815.1815.77+4.17556827.3319.494180.0
8Allen TishUnited States00254Master M36.64893846.925.6713.30+2.615510638.1121.693260.0
9Felix GoykhmanUnited States004867.9010557.906.8311.80+5.82559007.0914.754180.0
10Philippe SalnaveUnited States00487Advanced A17.57522788.296.4714.92+1.025510206.0014.572340.0
11Eugen MobiusUnited States004889.1468699.257.7019.84+0.83558555.7012.953260.0
12Alec IzzoUnited States00489Advanced A27.98803149.337.5616.16+7.13558165.7114.073260.0
13Roberto GauiBrazil004909.5908899.778.6716.42+12.13446945.7812.183175.0
14Rick WolfUnited States00351Advanced A39.914820910.708.0524.05+1.01557855.2310.473260.0
15GL HarvieUnited States00404Intermediate I111.234229611.9410.6017.30-2.975510165.4310.691420.0
16Eric PetersenUnited States0049112.27338913.3911.4819.13-16.205510194.728.421420.0
17Ray LightbournUnited States00493Intermediate I112.052626514.6411.6129.59-0.50445874.288.271325.0
18Andy FazekasUnited States00492Intermediate I213.149811015.9011.6935.29-8.08445834.598.972250.0
19John PirnerUnited States00405Intermediate I213.330467416.7412.8925.19-2.65448494.207.26040.0
20Jason BriggsUnited States0040916.328819817.7114.4530.34+2.10558323.917.302340.0
21Tom KellyUnited States0049518.40565518.4115.2929.77-12.49557493.948.051420.0
22Bobby BlancheUnited States0049418.49564418.5016.4124.76-0.24448363.326.382250.0
23Skip SorensonUnited States0049724.01745524.0222.0132.22+6.46559903.405.791420.0
24John OlsonUnited States0049623.86065526.2723.7435.02-0.35447563.486.10040.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Perry Gartner4312411922
John Pirner404-42344-21
Bahman Zandi5413473116
Andy Fazekas42202830-2
Karen Davis53213543-8
Roberto Gaui4312432320
Cary Hoarty523-140382
Alec Izzo5321433013
Bobby Blanche42202938-9
Skip Sorenson514-33350-17
Rick Wolf5321473512
Eugen Mobius532145423
Jason Briggs523-13240-8
John Olson404-42044-24
Stacy Turner5505551342
Felix Goykhman5413514110
Ray Lightbourn413-22938-9
Steve Sax431234331
GL Harvie514-34149-8
Philippe Salnave523-144440
Allen Tish532151456
Frank Talbot541344395
Eric Petersen514-34153-12
Tom Kelly514-32054-34

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Thu 2018-10-04Bahman Zandi11-Andy Fazekas5.49 - 10.55Counts for both players
2edit Thu 2018-10-04Karen Davis11-Eric Petersen2.88 - 2.02Counts for Karen Davis only
3edit Thu 2018-10-04Rick Wolf11-Alec Izzo6.98 - 11.41Counts for both players
4edit Thu 2018-10-04Jason Briggs11-Cary Hoarty20.71 - 8.98Counts for both players
5edit Thu 2018-10-04Stacy Turner11-Tom Kelly4.89 - 12.55Counts for both players
6edit Thu 2018-10-04Skip Sorenson-11Eugen Mobius22.40 - 12.18Counts for both players
7edit Thu 2018-10-04Allen Tish11-GL Harvie2.60 - 11.10Counts for both players
8edit Thu 2018-10-04Philippe Salnave-11Felix Goykhman9.80 - 9.54Counts for both players
9edit Thu 2018-10-04John Olson-11Frank Talbot12.92 - 2.11Counts for both players
10edit Thu 2018-10-04Perry Gartner11-Tom Kelly3.30 - 20.19Counts for both players
11edit Thu 2018-10-04John Pirner-11Andy Fazekas22.31 - 20.71Counts for both players
12edit Thu 2018-10-04Karen Davis11-John Olson5.36 - 19.19Counts for both players
13edit Thu 2018-10-04Roberto Gaui11-Jason Briggs9.79 - 12.28Counts for both players
14edit Thu 2018-10-04Cary Hoarty11-Bobby Blanche5.03 - 17.18Counts for both players
15edit Thu 2018-10-04Rick Wolf-11Allen Tish14.74 - 15.54Counts for both players
16edit Thu 2018-10-04Alec Izzo11-GL Harvie9.67 - 15.75Counts for both players
17edit Thu 2018-10-04Steve Sax11-Bahman Zandi2.57 - 9.82Counts for both players
18edit Thu 2018-10-04Philippe Salnave-11Eugen Mobius5.86 - 8.07Counts for both players
19edit Thu 2018-10-04Stacy Turner11-Ray Lightbourn6.21 - 14.23Counts for both players
20edit Thu 2018-10-04Frank Talbot11-Eric Petersen5.44 - 12.66Counts for both players
21edit Thu 2018-10-04Felix Goykhman11-Skip Sorenson5.74 - 20.03Counts for both players
22edit Thu 2018-10-04Andy Fazekas-11Stacy Turner13.70 - 3.75Counts for both players
23edit Thu 2018-10-04Roberto Gaui-11Karen Davis8.91 - 3.76Counts for both players
24edit Thu 2018-10-04Bobby Blanche11-Eric Petersen19.86 - 16.34Counts for both players
25edit Thu 2018-10-04Rick Wolf11-Philippe Salnave7.56 - 9.14Counts for both players
26edit Thu 2018-10-04John Olson-11Jason Briggs29.83 - 22.75Counts for both players
27edit Thu 2018-10-04Alec Izzo-11Felix Goykhman11.53 - 9.26Counts for both players
28edit Thu 2018-10-04Ray Lightbourn11-John Pirner11.04 - 11.26Counts for both players
29edit Thu 2018-10-04Steve Sax-11Perry Gartner3.24 - 6.02Counts for both players
30edit Thu 2018-10-04Skip Sorenson-11GL Harvie28.95 - 7.78Counts for both players
31edit Thu 2018-10-04Eugen Mobius-11Allen Tish9.17 - 5.51Counts for both players
32edit Thu 2018-10-04Bahman Zandi11-Tom Kelly5.23 - 39.78Counts for both players
33edit Thu 2018-10-04Cary Hoarty11-Frank Talbot6.99 - 4.88Counts for both players
34edit Thu 2018-10-04Perry Gartner11-Jason Briggs7.33 - 16.18Counts for both players
35edit Thu 2018-10-04Karen Davis-11Stacy Turner3.80 - 2.79Counts for both players
36edit Thu 2018-10-04Roberto Gaui11-John Pirner15.03 - 18.79Counts for both players
37edit Thu 2018-10-04Alec Izzo11-Bobby Blanche7.98 - 19.61Counts for both players
38edit Thu 2018-10-04Eugen Mobius11-Rick Wolf10.65 - 11.10Counts for both players
39edit Thu 2018-10-04GL Harvie-11Steve Sax12.12 - 2.93Counts for both players
40edit Thu 2018-10-04Allen Tish-11Felix Goykhman6.14 - 8.72Counts for both players
41edit Thu 2018-10-04Philippe Salnave11-Tom Kelly8.64 - 17.96Counts for both players
42edit Thu 2018-10-04Bahman Zandi11-Cary Hoarty6.52 - 4.52Counts for both players
43edit Thu 2018-10-04Ray Lightbourn-11Frank Talbot14.14 - 5.80Counts for both players
44edit Thu 2018-10-04Eric Petersen-11Skip Sorenson14.66 - 26.86Counts for both players
45edit Thu 2018-10-04Perry Gartner-11Bahman Zandi6.79 - 6.99Counts for both players
46edit Thu 2018-10-04Andy Fazekas11-Karen Davis17.74 - 7.80Counts for both players
47edit Thu 2018-10-04John Pirner-11Tom Kelly11.58 - 17.87Counts for both players
48edit Thu 2018-10-04Skip Sorenson-11Bobby Blanche22.94 - 18.27Counts for both players
49edit Thu 2018-10-04Felix Goykhman-11Stacy Turner6.27 - 5.09Counts for both players
50edit Thu 2018-10-04Alec Izzo11-Jason Briggs6.40 - 16.62Counts for both players
51edit Thu 2018-10-04GL Harvie-11Philippe Salnave12.40 - 8.55Counts for both players
52edit Thu 2018-10-04Roberto Gaui11-Eugen Mobius7.99 - 7.72Counts for both players
53edit Thu 2018-10-04Rick Wolf11-Ray Lightbourn11.63 - 20.08Counts for both players
54edit Thu 2018-10-04Allen Tish-11Frank Talbot4.41 - 2.95Counts for both players
55edit Thu 2018-10-04Steve Sax11-Cary Hoarty5.89 - 4.68Counts for both players
56edit Thu 2018-10-04John Olson-11Eric Petersen37.10 - 14.21Counts for both players
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