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North America match results from 2018-07-04 to 2018-07-04

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Gerry TanseyUnited States00365Grandmaster G12.85933842.672.811.85+10.753556415.6743.384180.0
2Neil KazarossUnited States00122Grandmaster G23.793613883.253.521.44-1.523532017.7853.332340.0
3Marty StorerUnited States00202Grandmaster G13.291815153.382.169.84+1.693547013.8239.174180.0
4Ricky GriggsUnited States004294.9084744.053.625.98-5.74213819.7754.431233.3
5Roberto LitzenbergerArgentina00257Master M15.705112534.103.259.49+4.122835912.3829.923175.0
6Art BenjaminUnited States00403Master M14.47854404.273.906.01+0.832833712.0428.081325.0
7Frank TalbotUnited States00292Master M15.28723194.563.758.55+13.87355858.6032.5050100.0
8Kit WoolseyUnited States00123Grandmaster G23.505210454.593.7210.42+6.81353539.5435.304180.0
9John O'HaganUnited States00252Grandmaster G24.052835114.664.366.47+7.31354969.7324.804180.0
10Steve BrownUnited States00288Master M24.93891835.014.517.48+6.37354488.9621.333260.0
11Herb RomanUnited States00253Master M35.90191085.204.199.25-12.95355048.8424.002340.0
12Sean GarberUnited States00271Master M25.76068065.505.247.28+8.15356198.1422.934180.0
13Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.858123915.805.457.93+2.71425889.8023.523350.0
14Greg MerrimanUnited States00251Advanced A17.62824746.304.6112.72-1.79284137.2518.772250.0
15Robert Caldwell6.575.599.47+4.3571636.7918.1110100.0
16Craig AndersonUnited States002446.875.9411.88-4.43284447.4017.081325.0
17Allen TishUnited States00254Master M36.64893846.895.7213.50+6.99355247.1827.584180.0
18Scott JohnstonUnited States00291Advanced A17.27951157.156.3210.79-4.67357796.7716.931420.0
19Larry ShillerUnited States004307.2974667.246.8110.75-6.68213186.6315.14030.0
20Faris GabbaraUnited States00290Advanced A17.65982497.646.1112.81-6.01354617.0913.172340.0
21Irina LitzenbergerUnited States00368Advanced A17.252110519.066.5026.48-7.80283446.4919.111325.0
22Paul MangoneUnited States004319.1046639.326.1821.95-5.50283666.0014.081325.0
23John StrykerUnited States00273Intermediate I110.733110610.087.9420.06-4.63354595.8113.111420.0
24Peggy NeubigUnited States00432Intermediate I213.847810812.1211.0915.45-4.27285144.3210.081325.0
25Adrian NedelcuAustria00433Advanced A38.818637713.9311.0727.08-7.96283134.418.24040.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Ricky Griggs312-11120-9
Roberto Litzenberger4312231211
Karen Davis633032284
Sean Garber5413332112
Robert Caldwell1101734
Herb Roman523-11831-13
Scott Johnston514-32530-5
Paul Mangone413-21325-12
Craig Anderson413-21626-10
Irina Litzenberger413-21421-7
Neil Kazaross523-12021-1
Steve Brown532127189
Allen Tish5413281711
Adrian Nedelcu404-41128-17
Kit Woolsey5413331419
John Stryker514-31930-11
Art Benjamin413-21721-4
Marty Storer541328226
Frank Talbot5505351322
Gerry Tansey5413322111
John O'Hagan5413331914
Peggy Neubig413-21525-10
Larry Shiller303-31021-11
Greg Merriman42201721-4
Faris Gabbara523-11928-9

Total of 25 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Wed 2018-07-04Roberto Litzenberger7-Ricky Griggs3.69 - 4.26Counts for Ricky Griggs only
2edit Wed 2018-07-04Karen Davis7-Adrian Nedelcu5.75 - 9.69Counts for both players
3edit Wed 2018-07-04Paul Mangone-7Sean Garber4.15 - 5.17Counts for both players
4edit Wed 2018-07-04Neil Kazaross-7Gerry Tansey9.24 - 2.18Counts for both players
5edit Wed 2018-07-04Scott Johnston7-Irina Litzenberger10.41 - 7.62Counts for both players
6edit Wed 2018-07-04Herb Roman7-Art Benjamin5.86 - 3.51Counts for both players
7edit Wed 2018-07-04John O'Hagan7-Faris Gabbara6.98 - 7.26Counts for both players
8edit Wed 2018-07-04John Stryker-7Marty Storer5.91 - 2.48Counts for both players
9edit Wed 2018-07-04Craig Anderson-7Allen Tish3.43 - 5.95Counts for Allen Tish only
10edit Wed 2018-07-04Greg Merriman-7Steve Brown8.18 - 4.18Counts for both players
11edit Wed 2018-07-04Peggy Neubig-7Kit Woolsey12.87 - 5.92Counts for both players
12edit Wed 2018-07-04Frank Talbot7-Larry Shiller4.40 - 10.35Counts for both players
13edit Wed 2018-07-04Herb Roman-7John Stryker3.97 - 11.84Counts for both players
14edit Wed 2018-07-04Roberto Litzenberger7-Sean Garber2.70 - 4.37Counts for Sean Garber only
15edit Wed 2018-07-04Steve Brown7-Neil Kazaross4.89 - 2.47Counts for both players
16edit Wed 2018-07-04Karen Davis7-Irina Litzenberger4.47 - 9.69Counts for both players
17edit Wed 2018-07-04Scott Johnston-7Allen Tish7.21 - 8.19Counts for both players
18edit Wed 2018-07-04Frank Talbot7-Marty Storer5.31 - 2.75Counts for both players
19edit Wed 2018-07-04Kit Woolsey7-Faris Gabbara2.87 - 16.94Counts for both players
20edit Wed 2018-07-04Larry Shiller-7Gerry Tansey1.17 - 3.08Counts for both players
21edit Wed 2018-07-04Paul Mangone-7John O'Hagan8.04 - 4.97Counts for both players
22edit Wed 2018-07-04Greg Merriman7-Adrian Nedelcu9.52 - 22.32Counts for both players
23edit Wed 2018-07-04Ricky Griggs7-Scott Johnston3.54 - 7.94Counts for both players
24edit Wed 2018-07-04Karen Davis-7Allen Tish6.92 - 2.64Counts for both players
25edit Wed 2018-07-04Herb Roman-7Frank Talbot3.91 - 5.35Counts for both players
26edit Wed 2018-07-04Craig Anderson-7Sean Garber10.67 - 3.52Counts for Sean Garber only
27edit Wed 2018-07-04Adrian Nedelcu-7Neil Kazaross17.75 - 0.72Counts for both players
28edit Wed 2018-07-04Kit Woolsey7-Art Benjamin4.20 - 1.60Counts for both players
29edit Wed 2018-07-04Irina Litzenberger-7Greg Merriman6.11 - 3.04Counts for both players
30edit Wed 2018-07-04Gerry Tansey-7Marty Storer1.63 - 2.19Counts for both players
31edit Wed 2018-07-04Paul Mangone-7Faris Gabbara17.01 - 2.37Counts for both players
32edit Wed 2018-07-04Peggy Neubig7-John Stryker14.22 - 7.60Counts for both players
33edit Wed 2018-07-04Roberto Litzenberger-7John O'Hagan8.23 - 4.60Counts for John O'Hagan only
34edit Wed 2018-07-04Steve Brown7-Larry Shiller6.61 - 5.84Counts for both players
35edit Wed 2018-07-04Karen Davis7-Ricky Griggs6.98 - 4.47Counts for both players
36edit Wed 2018-07-04Herb Roman-7Gerry Tansey7.15 - 4.81Counts for both players
37edit Wed 2018-07-04Scott Johnston-7Sean Garber6.60 - 7.10Counts for both players
38edit Wed 2018-07-04Irina Litzenberger7-Neil Kazaross17.81 - 1.03Counts for both players
39edit Wed 2018-07-04John Stryker-7Kit Woolsey15.50 - 6.55Counts for both players
40edit Wed 2018-07-04Art Benjamin-7Faris Gabbara6.01 - 6.72Counts for both players
41edit Wed 2018-07-04Marty Storer7-Steve Brown1.63 - 7.94Counts for both players
42edit Wed 2018-07-04Greg Merriman-7Allen Tish6.23 - 12.37Counts for both players
43edit Wed 2018-07-04John O'Hagan-7Craig Anderson2.44 - 4.96Counts for John O'Hagan only
44edit Wed 2018-07-04Peggy Neubig-7Frank Talbot12.11 - 3.17Counts for both players
45edit Wed 2018-07-04Sean Garber7-Karen Davis7.05 - 6.29Counts for both players
46edit Wed 2018-07-04Herb Roman7-Steve Brown5.01 - 3.74Counts for both players
47edit Wed 2018-07-04Allen Tish-7Neil Kazaross4.53 - 1.71Counts for both players
48edit Wed 2018-07-04Kit Woolsey-7Frank Talbot3.09 - 5.22Counts for both players
49edit Wed 2018-07-04Scott Johnston-7John O'Hagan5.03 - 3.44Counts for both players
50edit Wed 2018-07-04John Stryker-7Art Benjamin10.39 - 4.05Counts for both players
51edit Wed 2018-07-04Marty Storer7-Adrian Nedelcu7.13 - 10.03Counts for both players
52edit Wed 2018-07-04Roberto Litzenberger7-Faris Gabbara2.86 - 12.27Counts for Faris Gabbara only
53edit Wed 2018-07-04Peggy Neubig-7Gerry Tansey9.72 - 2.52Counts for both players
54edit Wed 2018-07-04Paul Mangone7-Craig Anderson8.51 - 7.30Counts for Paul Mangone only
55edit Wed 2018-07-04Robert Caldwell7-Karen Davis6.57 - 4.20Counts for Karen Davis only
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