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North America match results from 2018-04-15 to 2018-04-15

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1John O'HaganUnited States00252Grandmaster G24.151831582.522.860.84-5.071526315.4743.83010.0
2Steve SaxUnited States00169Grandmaster G23.334545093.704.091.47-5.931538311.6142.5610100.0
3Alex Toth7.036.309.82+5.07152737.1815.1710100.0
4Rafael Lopez de LaraBrazil8.096.2714.41+5.93154125.8013.73010.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Steve Sax110115141
John O'Hagan101-11215-3
Rafael Lopez de Lara101-11415-1
Alex Toth110115123

Total of 4 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Sun 2018-04-15Steve Sax15-Rafael Lopez de Lara3.70 - 8.09Counts for Steve Sax only
2edit Sun 2018-04-15John O'Hagan-15Alex Toth2.52 - 7.03Counts for John O'Hagan only
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