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North America match results from 2017-06-29 to 2017-06-29

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Kit WoolseyUnited States00123Grandmaster G24.404613983.623.663.40+2.683561111.5340.733260.0
2Steve SaxUnited States00169Grandmaster G23.522551873.633.009.63-5.343539612.7744.001420.0
3Neil KazarossUnited States00122Grandmaster G23.768115963.712.5310.23-6.092840711.9750.881325.0
4Nick BlasierUnited States00369Master M14.818317824.234.482.64-0.27354698.6936.083260.0
5Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.081531784.604.147.53+9.75354959.9026.054180.0
6Michael NeaguCanada003704.6183354.624.286.48-0.50355098.9339.153260.0
7Frank TalbotUnited States00292Master M15.28723194.874.377.51+9.03354599.0027.003260.0
8Steve BrownUnited States00288Master M24.93891834.973.1715.36+1.923558910.5249.084180.0
9Roberto LitzenbergerArgentina00257Master M15.564414735.835.527.84+3.56284898.7328.763175.0
10Ray FogerlundUnited States00327Master M15.12708426.013.6330.11+4.41355358.4924.323260.0
11Craig AndersonUnited States002446.755.7313.12+1.02355417.8421.642340.0
12Vladi GudgenovUnited States003846.8929796.984.1421.41-10.07355657.0619.482340.0
13Sean GarberUnited States00271Master M26.48639827.336.2611.39+8.00354426.4115.793260.0
14Faris GabbaraUnited States00290Advanced A17.65982497.716.1315.75+5.93354265.6117.043260.0
15Irina LitzenbergerUnited States00368Master M36.445013417.726.0420.47-11.82355416.6017.45050.0
16John StrykerUnited States00273Intermediate I110.73311069.827.8520.57-12.21354136.2614.751420.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Michael Neagu53212326-3
Kit Woolsey532125232
Karen Davis5413301119
Steve Sax514-32129-8
Sean Garber532130264
Irina Litzenberger505-52135-14
Neil Kazaross413-21425-11
Faris Gabbara532126215
Steve Brown541330255
Roberto Litzenberger431222193
Ray Fogerlund532128226
Craig Anderson523-12028-8
John Stryker514-32028-8
Vladi Gudgenov523-12231-9
Frank Talbot532127207
Nick Blasier5321291910

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Brown7-John Stryker6.57 - 8.45Counts for both players
2edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Sax-7Karen Davis2.54 - 6.31Counts for both players
3edit Thu 2017-06-29Sean Garber-7Craig Anderson7.69 - 5.39Counts for Sean Garber only
4edit Thu 2017-06-29Kit Woolsey7-Neil Kazaross4.23 - 2.32Counts for both players
5edit Thu 2017-06-29John Stryker-7Ray Fogerlund12.80 - 4.36Counts for John Stryker only
6edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Brown7-Frank Talbot5.66 - 5.18Counts for both players
7edit Thu 2017-06-29Michael Neagu7-Roberto Litzenberger5.47 - 8.14Counts for Michael Neagu only
8edit Thu 2017-06-29Irina Litzenberger-7Nick Blasier11.50 - 4.05Counts for both players
9edit Thu 2017-06-29Faris Gabbara7-Vladi Gudgenov8.99 - 6.12Counts for both players
10edit Thu 2017-06-29Kit Woolsey-7Karen Davis1.57 - 3.29Counts for both players
11edit Thu 2017-06-29Sean Garber7-Vladi Gudgenov9.81 - 13.95Counts for both players
12edit Thu 2017-06-29Sean Garber-7Frank Talbot6.48 - 4.55Counts for both players
13edit Thu 2017-06-29Michael Neagu7-Neil Kazaross5.35 - 2.81Counts for both players
14edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Sax7-Ray Fogerlund3.33 - 11.42Counts for Steve Sax only
15edit Thu 2017-06-29Roberto Litzenberger7-Irina Litzenberger6.99 - 10.54Counts for Irina Litzenberger only
16edit Thu 2017-06-29Faris Gabbara7-Frank Talbot6.79 - 4.55Counts for both players
17edit Thu 2017-06-29Craig Anderson-7Nick Blasier8.09 - 3.70Counts for Nick Blasier only
18edit Thu 2017-06-29Michael Neagu-7Karen Davis1.34 - 3.30Counts for both players
19edit Thu 2017-06-29Irina Litzenberger-7Neil Kazaross7.35 - 4.86Counts for both players
20edit Thu 2017-06-29Kit Woolsey-7Ray Fogerlund3.89 - 7.83Counts for Kit Woolsey only
21edit Thu 2017-06-29Faris Gabbara-7John Stryker13.50 - 7.56Counts for both players
22edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Brown7-Steve Sax1.57 - 2.43Counts for both players
23edit Thu 2017-06-29Roberto Litzenberger7-Nick Blasier3.79 - 4.55Counts for Nick Blasier only
24edit Thu 2017-06-29Craig Anderson-7Vladi Gudgenov5.47 - 3.73Counts for Vladi Gudgenov only
25edit Thu 2017-06-29Sean Garber7-John Stryker8.62 - 9.29Counts for both players
26edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Brown-7Kit Woolsey4.84 - 3.81Counts for both players
27edit Thu 2017-06-29Karen Davis7-Irina Litzenberger3.92 - 4.95Counts for both players
28edit Thu 2017-06-29Faris Gabbara7-Steve Sax11.25 - 8.16Counts for both players
29edit Thu 2017-06-29Michael Neagu7-Ray Fogerlund5.64 - 6.62Counts for Michael Neagu only
30edit Thu 2017-06-29Craig Anderson-7Frank Talbot8.57 - 5.58Counts for Frank Talbot only
31edit Thu 2017-06-29Vladi Gudgenov7-Nick Blasier6.38 - 5.18Counts for both players
32edit Thu 2017-06-29Karen Davis-7Roberto Litzenberger5.20 - 5.03Counts for Karen Davis only
33edit Thu 2017-06-29Neil Kazaross-7Nick Blasier9.62 - 2.32Counts for both players
34edit Thu 2017-06-29Faris Gabbara-7Kit Woolsey3.60 - 4.18Counts for both players
35edit Thu 2017-06-29Sean Garber7-Steve Sax4.12 - 3.90Counts for both players
36edit Thu 2017-06-29Ray Fogerlund7-Irina Litzenberger4.03 - 5.64Counts for Irina Litzenberger only
37edit Thu 2017-06-29Craig Anderson7-John Stryker7.63 - 10.34Counts for John Stryker only
38edit Thu 2017-06-29Steve Brown7-Michael Neagu6.06 - 2.65Counts for both players
39edit Thu 2017-06-29Vladi Gudgenov-7Frank Talbot7.33 - 4.34Counts for both players
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