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North America match results from 2016-04-24 to 2016-04-24

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Neil KazarossUnited States00122Grandmaster G23.666913623.342.848.29+14.213638912.9738.9040100.0
2John O'HaganUnited States00252Grandmaster G24.151831583.563.573.52-6.334564411.5035.781420.0
3Marty StorerUnited States00202Grandmaster G13.398413394.834.834.83-7.18273849.6021.331233.3
4Rory PascarUnited States00127Master M14.52177335.314.858.33+14.25365979.6328.4340100.0
5Craig AndersonUnited States002446.085.459.41-11.97364967.5224.80040.0
6Shlomo KarbalUnited States002486.306.186.88+2.80183637.4116.501150.0
7David RockwellUnited States002727.377.267.80+6.51273856.8814.812166.7
8Steve BlanchardUnited States002458.2768947.416.2412.37-10.31456478.4017.493260.0
9Phil SimborgUnited States00124Advanced A28.22983808.326.4217.34-2.88366606.6714.672250.0
10Greg MerrimanUnited States00251Advanced A17.28404298.367.0818.58-6.44273316.1313.241233.3
11Serge BondarUnited States002699.448.4713.45-4.34273456.7613.271233.3
12Sean GarberUnited States00271Master M25.54007619.626.7726.67+3.85273846.1914.222166.7
13Benjamin FriesenUnited States00270Master M36.11073139.768.2818.00-5.859988.9116.33010.0
14David HanoldUnited States002479.817.4818.52-2.36274835.5510.981233.3
15John StrykerUnited States00273Intermediate I110.733110611.7010.4016.45+3.62367044.5410.061325.0
16Amy TrudeauUnited States0025511.8310.5816.52+12.42275474.459.7730100.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Marty Storer312-11626-10
Neil Kazaross4404361224
John O'Hagan514-32841-13
John Stryker413-22632-6
Phil Simborg422033294
David Hanold312-11825-7
Steve Blanchard53213435-1
Amy Trudeau3303271710
David Rockwell3211221111
Craig Anderson404-42436-12
Rory Pascar4404361917
Serge Bondar312-11123-12
Sean Garber321123167
Greg Merriman312-11522-7
Benjamin Friesen101-109-9
Shlomo Karbal211015114

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Sun 2016-04-24Steve Blanchard9-Craig Anderson18.52 - 13.04Counts for neither player
2edit Sun 2016-04-24Rory Pascar9-Craig Anderson5.26 - 5.75Counts for neither player
3edit Sun 2016-04-24Rory Pascar9-Shlomo Karbal7.84 - 5.79Counts for neither player
4edit Sun 2016-04-24Steve Blanchard-9Shlomo Karbal4.85 - 7.08Counts for neither player
5edit Sun 2016-04-24David Rockwell9-Serge Bondar5.15 - 10.86Counts for neither player
6edit Sun 2016-04-24Craig Anderson-9Amy Trudeau4.29 - 8.80Counts for neither player
7edit Sun 2016-04-24Serge Bondar-9Rory Pascar5.31 - 3.38Counts for neither player
8edit Sun 2016-04-24Neil Kazaross9-Benjamin Friesen3.14 - 9.76Counts for Neil Kazaross only
9edit Sun 2016-04-24Marty Storer-9David Hanold4.17 - 11.98Counts for Marty Storer only
10edit Sun 2016-04-24Phil Simborg9-John Stryker7.46 - 12.10Counts for both players
11edit Sun 2016-04-24Steve Blanchard9-John O'Hagan7.21 - 2.91Counts for John O'Hagan only
12edit Sun 2016-04-24Serge Bondar9-Steve Blanchard11.21 - 5.04Counts for neither player
13edit Sun 2016-04-24Neil Kazaross9-Greg Merriman2.82 - 5.77Counts for both players
14edit Sun 2016-04-24Marty Storer9-John Stryker5.12 - 11.73Counts for both players
15edit Sun 2016-04-24John Stryker-9David Rockwell11.98 - 6.59Counts for John Stryker only
16edit Sun 2016-04-24John O'Hagan-9Amy Trudeau3.02 - 13.53Counts for John O'Hagan only
17edit Sun 2016-04-24Phil Simborg-9Sean Garber9.50 - 7.89Counts for both players
18edit Sun 2016-04-24John O'Hagan-9Neil Kazaross6.77 - 3.75Counts for both players
19edit Sun 2016-04-24Phil Simborg9-David Rockwell7.84 - 9.45Counts for Phil Simborg only
20edit Sun 2016-04-24Marty Storer-9Sean Garber5.48 - 6.99Counts for both players
21edit Sun 2016-04-24Neil Kazaross9-Craig Anderson3.45 - 5.31Counts for Neil Kazaross only
22edit Sun 2016-04-24John Stryker9-Sean Garber10.72 - 14.44Counts for both players
23edit Sun 2016-04-24David Hanold-9John O'Hagan11.07 - 3.52Counts for John O'Hagan only
24edit Sun 2016-04-24Amy Trudeau9-Greg Merriman12.83 - 9.63Counts for Greg Merriman only
25edit Sun 2016-04-24Phil Simborg-9Rory Pascar8.36 - 3.65Counts for Phil Simborg only
26edit Sun 2016-04-24David Hanold-9Greg Merriman6.60 - 8.35Counts for Greg Merriman only
27edit Sun 2016-04-24John O'Hagan-9Steve Blanchard2.94 - 6.37Counts for neither player
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