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Middle East, North Africa, Greater Arabia match results from 2021-11-30 to 2021-11-30

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Burak ÇulhacıTurkey00731Grandmaster G33.83686624.463.987.04-6.6510514239.7534.719281.8
2Mehrdad Jeiran ZadehUnknown Country4.504.603.81-1.29111187.3823.60010.0
3Soinguli AmirovGeorgia5.654.4520.47+5.6591208.5724.0010100.0
4Cesur KayaUnknown Country6.766.419.38-0.649755.7715.00010.0
5Fati̇h Belli̇ci̇Unknown Country10.479.8613.51-0.199714.1810.14010.0
6Ridvan SezerUnknown Country10.8010.5012.29-3.0892004.8813.33010.0
7Iman HabibiUnknown Country10.8512.241.81-1.3391505.1710.00010.0
8Oğuzhan ŞenerUnknown Country14.2414.3813.38+3.86111704.058.95010.0
9Bariş Bülent MuzoğluUnknown Country16.5211.8640.29+5.6691223.598.1310100.0
10Ayhan YazUnknown Country18.1812.7538.10-4.1491264.679.00010.0
11Can OymakUnknown Country19.6814.6831.17-0.4091223.395.81010.0
12Harun Tekmi̇lUnknown Country22.137.6760.09+2.5511874.589.67010.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Burak Çulhacı11927996237
Iman Habibi101-149-5
Fati̇h Belli̇ci̇101-159-4
Cesur Kaya101-129-7
Mehrdad Jeiran Zadeh101-1811-3
Ridvan Sezer101-149-5
Soinguli Amirov1101963
Can Oymak101-149-5
Oğuzhan Şener101-11011-1
Bariş Bülent Muzoğlu1101963
Harun Tekmi̇l101-1611-5
Ayhan Yaz101-119-8

Total of 12 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı11-Oğuzhan Şener5.29 - 14.24Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
2edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı11-Harun Tekmi̇l5.22 - 22.13Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
3edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı11-Mehrdad Jeiran Zadeh6.06 - 4.50Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
4edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Ridvan Sezer4.91 - 10.80Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
5edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Cesur Kaya5.42 - 6.76Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
6edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Iman Habibi3.42 - 10.85Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
7edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Ayhan Yaz2.37 - 18.18Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
8edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı-9Bariş Bülent Muzoğlu3.53 - 16.52Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
9edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Can Oymak4.78 - 19.68Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
10edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı9-Fati̇h Belli̇ci̇4.10 - 10.47Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
11edit Tue 2021-11-30Burak Çulhacı-9Soinguli Amirov4.92 - 5.65Counts for Burak Çulhacı only
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