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Europe match results from 2023-09-29 to 2023-09-29

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Andrea de ZandonatiItaly00133Master M25.496011826.174.3814.00-12.00509399.3021.842433.3
2Marco TamigiItaly00792Master M15.05612427.544.6630.55-1.6571176.1623.40010.0
3Ozren DevaldUnknown Country8.186.6915.08+2.9291915.3112.7310100.0
4Anton DragostinovUnknown Country8.348.536.69+3.5391146.0012.6710100.0
5Alexander HeilmannUnknown Country10.138.5620.43+2.6371895.2512.6010100.0
6Igor Bakunowizki13.0810.2635.46+6.14111434.779.5310100.0
7Jean-Jacques IssartelUnknown Country15.6916.5711.79-1.5571364.129.07010.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Ozren Devald1101972
Jean-Jacques Issartel101-137-4
Anton Dragostinov1101963
Igor Bakunowizki11011147
Andrea de Zandonati624-23743-6
Alexander Heilmann1101761
Marco Tamigi101-147-3

Total of 7 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Fri 2023-09-29Igor Bakunowizki11-Andrea de Zandonati13.08 - 7.93Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
2edit Fri 2023-09-29Andrea de Zandonati7-Marco Tamigi6.07 - 7.54Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
3edit Fri 2023-09-29Anton Dragostinov9-Andrea de Zandonati8.34 - 5.61Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
4edit Fri 2023-09-29Jean-Jacques Issartel-7Andrea de Zandonati15.69 - 4.19Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
5edit Fri 2023-09-29Ozren Devald9-Andrea de Zandonati8.18 - 4.53Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
6edit Fri 2023-09-29Alexander Heilmann7-Andrea de Zandonati10.13 - 8.39Counts for Andrea de Zandonati only
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