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Europe match results from 2022-07-30 to 2022-07-30

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Bernhard MayrAustria00104Grandmaster G34.604612844.664.047.62+4.68637309.8633.187277.8
2Wolfgang BacherAustria00101Master M24.841811114.914.238.58-2.136310318.5922.916366.7
3Toader Mihai SanduAustria00796Master M25.28337525.004.756.31+2.39567368.7629.445362.5
4Rainer SpörkAustria00685Master M25.18619035.485.008.72+2.316372311.1227.813633.3
5Tim CrossUnited Kingdom00134Grandmaster G23.915257375.674.729.79-8.69212938.8822.541233.3
6Mehrdad TehranyAustria00795Master M15.36343286.774.7617.60+11.87497647.9618.196185.7
7Andreas GroetschUnknown Country7.166.1810.79+2.3371416.4120.1410100.0
8Robert KreislAustria00726Master M36.06213457.195.7514.40-7.80638947.1017.533633.3
9Stefan ParlowAustria00209Master M25.304124277.256.1513.45-3.14638306.6916.943633.3
10John Wright7.275.4314.58+5.7371344.4716.7510100.0
11Andreas SausengAustria00787Master M36.09384347.736.6213.38-13.17639646.1413.391811.1
12Graham BotwrightUnited Kingdom8.197.4124.93+4.347905.2915.0010100.0
13Fabrizio Lo SurdoItaly00793Master M35.96728159.056.0220.72-2.3371316.2413.10010.0
14Michael HigatsbergerAustria00866Master M35.97549159.177.0718.89+0.79639616.6314.135455.6
15Ian Turner9.456.3921.85-1.377966.8610.67010.0
16Horst ZachAustria00687Intermediate I111.625121910.578.9220.36+4.19569305.4411.924450.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
John Wright1101716
Graham Botwright1101725
Ian Turner101-147-3
Stefan Parlow936-34351-8
Bernhard Mayr9725522725
Michael Higatsberger954148462
Horst Zach84403945-6
Wolfgang Bacher963349472
Andreas Sauseng918-73556-21
Toader Mihai Sandu853242357
Robert Kreisl936-33757-20
Rainer Spörk936-34044-4
Fabrizio Lo Surdo101-157-2
Tim Cross312-11018-8
Mehrdad Tehrany7615482523
Andreas Groetsch1101752

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow7-Robert Kreisl6.05 - 10.50Counts for both players
2edit Sat 2022-07-30Ian Turner-7Tim Cross9.45 - 9.69Counts for Tim Cross only
3edit Sat 2022-07-30Horst Zach-7Wolfgang Bacher12.54 - 3.56Counts for both players
4edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow7-Andreas Sauseng8.20 - 11.28Counts for both players
5edit Sat 2022-07-30Robert Kreisl7-Michael Higatsberger6.41 - 10.67Counts for both players
6edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Mehrdad Tehrany4.22 - 7.12Counts for both players
7edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Toader Mihai Sandu7.76 - 3.68Counts for both players
8edit Sat 2022-07-30John Wright7-Tim Cross7.27 - 4.09Counts for Tim Cross only
9edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Bernhard Mayr13.82 - 6.09Counts for both players
10edit Sat 2022-07-30Robert Kreisl-7Horst Zach6.30 - 7.68Counts for both players
11edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk7-Wolfgang Bacher13.21 - 9.66Counts for both players
12edit Sat 2022-07-30Michael Higatsberger7-Andreas Sauseng5.39 - 9.35Counts for both players
13edit Sat 2022-07-30Graham Botwright7-Tim Cross8.19 - 3.49Counts for Tim Cross only
14edit Sat 2022-07-30Michael Higatsberger7-Bernhard Mayr10.01 - 7.42Counts for both players
15edit Sat 2022-07-30Robert Kreisl7-Andreas Sauseng6.90 - 6.24Counts for both players
16edit Sat 2022-07-30Wolfgang Bacher-7Mehrdad Tehrany4.42 - 4.89Counts for both players
17edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk7-Horst Zach1.58 - 7.41Counts for both players
18edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Toader Mihai Sandu5.35 - 4.10Counts for both players
19edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Andreas Sauseng5.43 - 8.61Counts for both players
20edit Sat 2022-07-30Toader Mihai Sandu-7Michael Higatsberger4.10 - 9.05Counts for both players
21edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Robert Kreisl4.15 - 4.89Counts for both players
22edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Wolfgang Bacher5.33 - 3.15Counts for both players
23edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Horst Zach6.61 - 8.43Counts for both players
24edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Robert Kreisl3.33 - 11.22Counts for both players
25edit Sat 2022-07-30Michael Higatsberger-7Wolfgang Bacher16.42 - 10.02Counts for both players
26edit Sat 2022-07-30Toader Mihai Sandu7-Andreas Sauseng5.89 - 8.25Counts for both players
27edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Mehrdad Tehrany6.37 - 12.16Counts for both players
28edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Stefan Parlow0.74 - 3.64Counts for both players
29edit Sat 2022-07-30Wolfgang Bacher7-Andreas Sauseng3.16 - 5.90Counts for both players
30edit Sat 2022-07-30Robert Kreisl-7Mehrdad Tehrany5.02 - 8.43Counts for both players
31edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Toader Mihai Sandu1.70 - 0.92Counts for both players
32edit Sat 2022-07-30Michael Higatsberger-7Horst Zach9.55 - 12.66Counts for both players
33edit Sat 2022-07-30Andreas Sauseng-7Horst Zach4.74 - 11.53Counts for both players
34edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Wolfgang Bacher2.39 - 3.11Counts for both players
35edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Mehrdad Tehrany7.16 - 2.50Counts for both players
36edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Michael Higatsberger4.49 - 4.36Counts for both players
37edit Sat 2022-07-30Wolfgang Bacher7-Toader Mihai Sandu4.53 - 6.17Counts for both players
38edit Sat 2022-07-30Bernhard Mayr7-Horst Zach4.94 - 14.99Counts for both players
39edit Sat 2022-07-30Michael Higatsberger-7Mehrdad Tehrany6.79 - 5.79Counts for both players
40edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk-7Andreas Sauseng4.58 - 2.69Counts for both players
41edit Sat 2022-07-30Andreas Sauseng-7Mehrdad Tehrany12.47 - 10.06Counts for both players
42edit Sat 2022-07-30Wolfgang Bacher7-Robert Kreisl5.92 - 6.11Counts for both players
43edit Sat 2022-07-30Horst Zach-7Toader Mihai Sandu8.69 - 4.04Counts for both players
44edit Sat 2022-07-30Rainer Spörk7-Bernhard Mayr6.59 - 1.24Counts for both players
45edit Sat 2022-07-30Stefan Parlow-7Michael Higatsberger7.65 - 12.13Counts for both players
46edit Sat 2022-07-30Robert Kreisl-7Toader Mihai Sandu11.69 - 6.98Counts for both players
47edit Sat 2022-07-30Fabrizio Lo Surdo-7Andreas Groetsch9.05 - 7.16Counts for Fabrizio Lo Surdo only
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