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Europe match results from 2022-02-26 to 2022-02-26

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Roland SahlénSweden00501Grandmaster G23.41987243.082.824.81-5.853959513.5242.501233.3
2Tim CrossUnited Kingdom00134Grandmaster G23.876356743.232.825.62-4.444062313.2641.532250.0
3Bernhard MayrAustria00104Grandmaster G34.512811634.193.277.62+5.596388311.6226.764357.1
4Wolfgang WühlAustria007976.2789544.203.905.51+0.98456659.9328.913260.0
5Mario LazzerAustria00162Master M14.544510864.273.558.74-4.54638808.6336.673442.9
6Wolfgang BacherAustria00101Master M24.841811114.723.5511.03+8.856310449.4127.476185.7
7Fritz RattingerAustria00106Master M14.90507564.763.2313.67+2.18547559.3226.034266.7
8Mehrdad TehranyAustria00795Master M15.47462384.963.7011.19-4.77637659.9423.913442.9
9Tobias SchönSweden00736Master M25.41713255.165.095.74+5.88394827.5322.952166.7
10Kristoffer HötzenederAustria00579Master M35.98801285.393.8211.97+6.39639538.9127.234357.1
11Rainer SpörkAustria00685Master M25.24438035.645.049.43+3.80639487.9720.175271.4
12Johan BynellSweden00373Master M14.81777675.695.526.43-14.10394738.7624.891233.3
13Pete HeskettUnited Kingdom00907Master M15.06962685.704.0422.17+4.6491097.2721.8010100.0
14Robert KreislAustria00726Master M36.06213455.825.378.59-17.20638757.3524.312528.6
15Julian MinwallaUnited Kingdom00242Master M25.692314835.844.5812.57+3.31112108.4016.1510100.0
16Kim WesterlundhSweden00454Master M25.04968105.984.8011.21+4.70395828.2021.562166.7
17Patrick KimariSweden00677Master M36.73741566.415.1116.37+2.39394867.5919.442166.7
18Toader Mihai SanduAustria00796Master M25.24747076.825.1715.70-13.596310227.8023.231614.3
19Cyrus VafaSweden00582Master M36.06923127.125.7611.62-8.37393578.5017.851233.3
20Johan NorbergSweden00674Master M25.33974707.276.3912.89+7.83393687.5118.402166.7
21Lewis PotterUnited Kingdom8.038.365.81-4.11111476.1314.70010.0
22Andreas SausengAustria00787Master M36.58213418.527.8212.17+16.98548246.0614.464266.7
23Lawrence PowellUnited Kingdom00158Master M14.833111909.437.8214.88+0.6091236.1511.18010.0
24Rizgar KurdiSweden007947.75937810.615.863.58+7.52395427.8625.811233.3
25Thomas NosseckAustria00725Intermediate I111.067923511.059.2218.63-4.65639005.7711.111614.3

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Rizgar Kurdi312-12629-3
Johan Bynell312-11933-14
Johan Norberg3211291514
Tobias Schön32112829-1
Kim Westerlundh321133258
Roland Sahlén312-12830-2
Patrick Kimari3211302010
Pete Heskett1101927
Lawrence Powell101-149-5
Julian Minwalla11011183
Lewis Potter101-1211-9
Mehrdad Tehrany734-13846-8
Fritz Rattinger6422443311
Robert Kreisl725-32856-28
Toader Mihai Sandu716-54162-21
Rainer Spörk7523533815
Kristoffer Hötzeneder7431493910
Wolfgang Bacher7615574116
Mario Lazzer734-14648-2
Wolfgang Wühl532138317
Bernhard Mayr743146433
Thomas Nosseck716-54059-19
Cyrus Vafa312-11628-12
Tim Cross422030264
Andreas Sauseng6422463016

Total of 25 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Sat 2022-02-26Lewis Potter-11Tim Cross8.03 - 3.29Counts for Tim Cross only
2edit Sat 2022-02-26Robert Kreisl-9Bernhard Mayr6.04 - 3.80Counts for both players
3edit Sat 2022-02-26Toader Mihai Sandu-9Mario Lazzer8.67 - 4.21Counts for both players
4edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder-9Fritz Rattinger6.90 - 3.30Counts for both players
5edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Bacher9-Thomas Nosseck4.54 - 9.12Counts for both players
6edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk-9Mehrdad Tehrany5.01 - 5.17Counts for both players
7edit Sat 2022-02-26Julian Minwalla11-Tim Cross5.84 - 3.64Counts for Tim Cross only
8edit Sat 2022-02-26Mehrdad Tehrany-9Andreas Sauseng10.66 - 9.81Counts for both players
9edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Wühl-9Mario Lazzer4.10 - 5.61Counts for Mario Lazzer only
10edit Sat 2022-02-26Toader Mihai Sandu-9Wolfgang Bacher8.85 - 3.24Counts for both players
11edit Sat 2022-02-26Robert Kreisl-9Fritz Rattinger7.84 - 6.77Counts for both players
12edit Sat 2022-02-26Thomas Nosseck-9Bernhard Mayr8.03 - 3.24Counts for both players
13edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk9-Kristoffer Hötzeneder7.67 - 9.33Counts for both players
14edit Sat 2022-02-26Robert Kreisl9-Thomas Nosseck6.60 - 10.95Counts for both players
15edit Sat 2022-02-26Lawrence Powell-9Tim Cross9.43 - 2.73Counts for Tim Cross only
16edit Sat 2022-02-26Mehrdad Tehrany9-Mario Lazzer2.55 - 3.47Counts for both players
17edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk-9Andreas Sauseng6.48 - 10.98Counts for both players
18edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder9-Robert Kreisl4.20 - 6.34Counts for both players
19edit Sat 2022-02-26Toader Mihai Sandu-9Bernhard Mayr9.32 - 3.10Counts for both players
20edit Sat 2022-02-26Fritz Rattinger9-Thomas Nosseck4.21 - 10.01Counts for both players
21edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Bacher9-Wolfgang Wühl8.84 - 4.88Counts for Wolfgang Bacher only
22edit Sat 2022-02-26Pete Heskett9-Tim Cross5.70 - 2.83Counts for Tim Cross only
23edit Sat 2022-02-26Fritz Rattinger-9Toader Mihai Sandu6.42 - 7.10Counts for both players
24edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder9-Thomas Nosseck3.47 - 15.12Counts for both players
25edit Sat 2022-02-26Bernhard Mayr-9Wolfgang Wühl2.88 - 2.48Counts for Bernhard Mayr only
26edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Bacher9-Mehrdad Tehrany5.14 - 3.68Counts for both players
27edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk9-Robert Kreisl4.17 - 3.00Counts for both players
28edit Sat 2022-02-26Mario Lazzer-9Andreas Sauseng4.05 - 8.65Counts for both players
29edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Bacher9-Andreas Sauseng4.68 - 6.67Counts for both players
30edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk9-Mario Lazzer3.10 - 2.16Counts for both players
31edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder9-Toader Mihai Sandu5.87 - 2.80Counts for both players
32edit Sat 2022-02-26Bernhard Mayr-9Mehrdad Tehrany4.87 - 3.11Counts for both players
33edit Sat 2022-02-26Robert Kreisl9-Toader Mihai Sandu5.63 - 4.14Counts for both players
34edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk9-Thomas Nosseck6.73 - 13.45Counts for both players
35edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder-9Wolfgang Wühl4.25 - 5.34Counts for Kristoffer Hötzeneder only
36edit Sat 2022-02-26Fritz Rattinger9-Mehrdad Tehrany2.86 - 2.90Counts for both players
37edit Sat 2022-02-26Wolfgang Bacher9-Mario Lazzer3.12 - 5.12Counts for both players
38edit Sat 2022-02-26Bernhard Mayr9-Andreas Sauseng6.16 - 8.78Counts for both players
39edit Sat 2022-02-26Johan Norberg13-Cyrus Vafa7.75 - 5.37Counts for both players
40edit Sat 2022-02-26Tobias Schön13-Rizgar Kurdi4.90 - 8.79Counts for both players
41edit Sat 2022-02-26Kim Westerlundh-13Johan Bynell8.17 - 7.89Counts for both players
42edit Sat 2022-02-26Roland Sahlén13-Patrick Kimari1.97 - 3.94Counts for both players
43edit Sat 2022-02-26Robert Kreisl-9Wolfgang Wühl5.10 - 4.20Counts for Robert Kreisl only
44edit Sat 2022-02-26Toader Mihai Sandu-9Thomas Nosseck5.81 - 11.37Counts for both players
45edit Sat 2022-02-26Fritz Rattinger-9Andreas Sauseng4.55 - 6.17Counts for both players
46edit Sat 2022-02-26Mario Lazzer9-Bernhard Mayr5.26 - 6.29Counts for both players
47edit Sat 2022-02-26Kristoffer Hötzeneder9-Mehrdad Tehrany3.80 - 4.07Counts for both players
48edit Sat 2022-02-26Rainer Spörk9-Wolfgang Bacher5.63 - 4.20Counts for both players
49edit Sat 2022-02-26Johan Bynell-13Johan Norberg4.94 - 11.16Counts for both players
50edit Sat 2022-02-26Kim Westerlundh13-Rizgar Kurdi2.96 - 16.62Counts for both players
51edit Sat 2022-02-26Tobias Schön13-Roland Sahlén6.22 - 4.35Counts for both players
52edit Sat 2022-02-26Patrick Kimari13-Cyrus Vafa9.09 - 11.25Counts for both players
53edit Sat 2022-02-26Rizgar Kurdi13-Johan Norberg4.44 - 3.74Counts for both players
54edit Sat 2022-02-26Kim Westerlundh13-Roland Sahlén6.53 - 2.79Counts for both players
55edit Sat 2022-02-26Tobias Schön-13Cyrus Vafa2.44 - 3.95Counts for both players
56edit Sat 2022-02-26Johan Bynell-13Patrick Kimari3.20 - 7.14Counts for both players
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