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Europe match results from 2021-12-04 to 2021-12-04

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Tim CrossUnited Kingdom00134Grandmaster G23.722254063.152.944.54-11.135176713.4642.611420.0
2Oliver SquireUnited Kingdom00555Grandmaster G33.70518174.013.894.71-2.406689411.3233.112433.3
3Reece HodgesUnited Kingdom00761Master M14.27091324.243.955.74+8.0766105110.1131.854266.7
4Chris RogersUnited Kingdom00138Master M14.28683544.433.966.68+12.616610809.5632.733350.0
5Lawrence PowellUnited Kingdom00158Master M14.975311204.554.136.23-17.9766122510.5629.881516.7
6Jon BarnesUnited Kingdom00129Master M14.676114744.754.486.15-9.4066123910.3323.833350.0
7Thomas RönnSweden00510Grandmaster G33.82072214.972.9714.18-1.491316811.2042.00010.0
8Kim WesterlundhSweden00454Master M25.04968104.993.8710.87-7.02263448.1934.401150.0
9Geoff HallUnited Kingdom00699Master M24.88443195.014.567.89-15.61559319.5027.381420.0
10Andy DarbyUnited Kingdom00235Master M24.81978965.195.592.57+10.16669549.5426.504266.7
11Radu CiortanRomania00149Master M14.782831515.304.1210.91-2.68668798.3730.313350.0
12Roland SahlénSweden00501Grandmaster G23.61466875.624.979.49-5.78263469.8928.831150.0
13Johan NorbergSweden00674Master M25.33974705.744.5421.53+5.59131278.4725.4010100.0
14Julian MinwallaUnited Kingdom00242Master M25.587514136.315.2610.80+0.066611257.9219.744266.7
15Dale TaylorUnited Kingdom00172Master M25.889915496.535.4211.17+0.09669707.6417.963350.0
16Richard FurboroughUnited Kingdom00359Master M36.58999886.645.9410.44+3.296610927.0517.903350.0
17Richard CarterUnited Kingdom00516Advanced A16.70045716.796.786.87+13.016611516.8917.985183.3
18Adam TaylorUnited Kingdom00171Master M36.001613846.825.5113.54+6.30669037.0517.045183.3
19Mike IrelandUnited Kingdom00515Advanced A28.33471287.456.9310.24-13.07629116.6016.562433.3
20Emad SalibUnited Kingdom00398Advanced A17.23657257.607.458.14-1.876611706.5714.443350.0
21Sven-Olav NorénSweden00440Master M25.27402497.804.218.58+8.70264217.9428.071150.0
22Kevin BaileyIreland00556Master M36.14894268.276.9214.72+16.706612276.4615.344266.7
23Anna ParkerUnited Kingdom00396Advanced A39.04345388.328.029.51+2.25111628.1012.4610100.0
24Michael LeviUnited Kingdom00159Advanced A27.66109779.379.1410.43+1.74559165.4912.552340.0
25Anna PriceUnited Kingdom00207Intermediate I111.028846110.419.0616.04-6.736611205.2610.771516.7
26Matthew FisherUnited Kingdom0076211.23896611.248.4820.52+6.566614024.8510.394266.7

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Anna Price615-44665-19
Julian Minwalla642250473
Tim Cross514-33447-13
Kevin Bailey6422614318
Chris Rogers6330564511
Adam Taylor6514623428
Andy Darby642254486
Richard Furborough6330564511
Radu Ciortan63304547-2
Reece Hodges6422583919
Geoff Hall514-33452-18
Richard Carter6514624517
Matthew Fisher64225455-1
Dale Taylor63304449-5
Lawrence Powell615-44465-21
Oliver Squire624-24850-2
Mike Ireland624-23554-19
Emad Salib63305052-2
Jon Barnes63305053-3
Anna Parker11011192
Michael Levi523-13747-10
Thomas Rönn101-1613-7
Sven-Olav Norén211020191
Johan Norberg110113013
Kim Westerlundh211019190
Roland Sahlén21101320-7

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Sat 2021-12-04Kevin Bailey11-Reece Hodges5.65 - 2.42Counts for both players
2edit Sat 2021-12-04Adam Taylor11-Chris Rogers4.14 - 3.94Counts for both players
3edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Furborough-11Andy Darby5.27 - 6.17Counts for both players
4edit Sat 2021-12-04Julian Minwalla11-Lawrence Powell6.81 - 5.86Counts for both players
5edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price-11Richard Carter8.81 - 8.23Counts for both players
6edit Sat 2021-12-04Emad Salib-11Tim Cross5.08 - 2.56Counts for both players
7edit Sat 2021-12-04Jon Barnes11-Geoff Hall3.03 - 4.69Counts for both players
8edit Sat 2021-12-04Radu Ciortan-11Oliver Squire4.90 - 3.96Counts for both players
9edit Sat 2021-12-04Matthew Fisher11-Michael Levi9.22 - 12.53Counts for both players
10edit Sat 2021-12-04Mike Ireland-11Dale Taylor10.77 - 7.96Counts for both players
11edit Sat 2021-12-04Kevin Bailey11-Andy Darby7.06 - 4.19Counts for both players
12edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Carter11-Jon Barnes7.64 - 3.98Counts for both players
13edit Sat 2021-12-04Mike Ireland-11Radu Ciortan6.72 - 3.99Counts for both players
14edit Sat 2021-12-04Emad Salib-11Michael Levi5.77 - 8.74Counts for both players
15edit Sat 2021-12-04Dale Taylor11-Oliver Squire3.91 - 2.60Counts for both players
16edit Sat 2021-12-04Reece Hodges-11Richard Furborough5.54 - 7.47Counts for both players
17edit Sat 2021-12-04Adam Taylor11-Julian Minwalla6.30 - 8.10Counts for both players
18edit Sat 2021-12-04Tim Cross-11Matthew Fisher2.96 - 8.82Counts for both players
19edit Sat 2021-12-04Chris Rogers11-Lawrence Powell5.64 - 2.27Counts for both players
20edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price11-Geoff Hall6.22 - 3.13Counts for both players
21edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price-11Jon Barnes10.53 - 5.39Counts for both players
22edit Sat 2021-12-04Tim Cross-11Adam Taylor4.98 - 5.53Counts for both players
23edit Sat 2021-12-04Chris Rogers-11Mike Ireland3.84 - 5.06Counts for both players
24edit Sat 2021-12-04Radu Ciortan11-Michael Levi5.28 - 7.88Counts for both players
25edit Sat 2021-12-04Geoff Hall11-Lawrence Powell6.14 - 4.28Counts for both players
26edit Sat 2021-12-04Julian Minwalla-11Richard Furborough4.01 - 6.32Counts for both players
27edit Sat 2021-12-04Andy Darby11-Oliver Squire5.10 - 4.53Counts for both players
28edit Sat 2021-12-04Emad Salib-11Reece Hodges7.54 - 3.55Counts for both players
29edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Carter11-Dale Taylor8.11 - 7.09Counts for both players
30edit Sat 2021-12-04Kevin Bailey-11Matthew Fisher11.13 - 12.19Counts for both players
31edit Sat 2021-12-04Kevin Bailey-11Jon Barnes8.26 - 6.68Counts for both players
32edit Sat 2021-12-04Andy Darby11-Richard Carter3.50 - 4.42Counts for both players
33edit Sat 2021-12-04Matthew Fisher-11Adam Taylor12.72 - 10.22Counts for both players
34edit Sat 2021-12-04Lawrence Powell-11Emad Salib5.35 - 7.58Counts for both players
35edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price-11Reece Hodges9.06 - 2.99Counts for both players
36edit Sat 2021-12-04Tim Cross-7Mike Ireland3.82 - 8.04Counts for both players
37edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Parker11-Oliver Squire8.32 - 4.61Counts for both players
38edit Sat 2021-12-04Michael Levi-11Julian Minwalla6.71 - 4.97Counts for both players
39edit Sat 2021-12-04Chris Rogers11-Richard Furborough4.84 - 5.53Counts for both players
40edit Sat 2021-12-04Radu Ciortan11-Dale Taylor5.39 - 11.05Counts for both players
41edit Sat 2021-12-04Andy Darby11-Radu Ciortan3.73 - 2.34Counts for both players
42edit Sat 2021-12-04Chris Rogers11-Geoff Hall5.44 - 4.74Counts for both players
43edit Sat 2021-12-04Lawrence Powell-11Oliver Squire2.88 - 4.30Counts for both players
44edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Furborough-11Kevin Bailey9.94 - 8.20Counts for both players
45edit Sat 2021-12-04Matthew Fisher11-Jon Barnes13.69 - 5.19Counts for both players
46edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price-11Emad Salib18.63 - 12.58Counts for both players
47edit Sat 2021-12-04Julian Minwalla11-Dale Taylor7.31 - 6.01Counts for both players
48edit Sat 2021-12-04Mike Ireland-11Reece Hodges7.68 - 4.67Counts for both players
49edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Carter11-Adam Taylor5.83 - 7.63Counts for both players
50edit Sat 2021-12-04Julian Minwalla11-Radu Ciortan6.20 - 8.55Counts for both players
51edit Sat 2021-12-04Anna Price-11Lawrence Powell11.60 - 6.36Counts for both players
52edit Sat 2021-12-04Reece Hodges11-Jon Barnes5.25 - 4.18Counts for both players
53edit Sat 2021-12-04Kevin Bailey11-Chris Rogers8.10 - 3.16Counts for both players
54edit Sat 2021-12-04Andy Darby-11Adam Taylor10.50 - 6.37Counts for both players
55edit Sat 2021-12-04Dale Taylor11-Tim Cross2.43 - 2.30Counts for both players
56edit Sat 2021-12-04Oliver Squire-11Emad Salib3.56 - 7.37Counts for both players
57edit Sat 2021-12-04Matthew Fisher-11Richard Carter11.94 - 6.03Counts for both players
58edit Sat 2021-12-04Geoff Hall-11Michael Levi7.25 - 9.75Counts for both players
59edit Sat 2021-12-04Richard Furborough11-Mike Ireland4.81 - 7.17Counts for both players
60edit Sat 2021-12-04Johan Norberg13-Roland Sahlén5.74 - 5.47Counts for both players
61edit Sat 2021-12-04Sven-Olav Norén-13Roland Sahlén10.96 - 5.70Counts for both players
62edit Sat 2021-12-04Thomas Rönn-13Kim Westerlundh4.97 - 3.99Counts for both players
63edit Sat 2021-12-04Sven-Olav Norén13-Kim Westerlundh4.04 - 6.01Counts for both players
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