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Europe match results from 2021-08-17 to 2021-08-17

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Dirk SchiemannGermany00117Grandmaster G13.03714472.581.906.39-0.353555516.3255.503260.0
2Marc OlsenDenmark00143Grandmaster G23.71716572.872.783.52+11.422836810.2261.333175.0
3Kazuki YokotaJapan00710Grandmaster G23.18183142.942.982.68+12.182842214.5532.4640100.0
4Zdeněk ŽižkaCzechia00167Grandmaster G12.76418453.213.153.71-5.403552710.5447.911420.0
5Simon BargetUnited Kingdom00153Grandmaster G33.75053273.503.225.43-10.633544211.0555.251420.0
6Ali Cetin BeleneTurkey00469Grandmaster G12.91183753.523.394.19-4.553550612.0546.003260.0
7Tim CrossUnited Kingdom00134Grandmaster G23.758652943.713.733.61-4.253567912.1342.442340.0
8Thomas MyhrDenmark00150Grandmaster G23.621023913.803.614.82+0.413556513.1425.683260.0
9Ryan RebeloCanada00712Grandmaster G33.70362924.242.8712.25+4.882842512.8835.423175.0
10Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.463821164.383.709.53+5.043554610.5030.332340.0
11Marcus ReinhardGermany00688Master M14.50437745.644.669.68-1.93285418.0725.763175.0
12Tony DiamantidisGreece00714Advanced A16.88721335.994.4612.72+7.19283038.6621.642250.0
13Anders MarcussenDenmark007136.8289986.295.748.90-14.01355517.9916.70050.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Dirk Schiemann532128253
Marcus Reinhard431225205
Ryan Rebelo431223158
Ali Cetin Belene53212129-8
Zdeněk Žižka514-32032-12
Karen Davis523-12425-1
Simon Barget514-32032-12
Thomas Myhr532128244
Tony Diamantidis422020146
Marc Olsen4312251114
Anders Marcussen505-51135-24
Kazuki Yokota440428721
Tim Cross523-12832-4

Total of 13 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Tue 2021-08-17Karen Davis-7Kazuki Yokota3.41 - 4.01Counts for both players
2edit Tue 2021-08-17Dirk Schiemann7-Zdeněk Žižka2.55 - 3.29Counts for both players
3edit Tue 2021-08-17Zdeněk Žižka-7Kazuki Yokota2.64 - 2.75Counts for both players
4edit Tue 2021-08-17Karen Davis7-Tim Cross5.34 - 3.53Counts for both players
5edit Tue 2021-08-17Dirk Schiemann-7Thomas Myhr2.47 - 3.34Counts for both players
6edit Tue 2021-08-17Anders Marcussen-7Marcus Reinhard9.02 - 8.48Counts for both players
7edit Tue 2021-08-17Simon Barget7-Tony Diamantidis5.53 - 16.30Counts for both players
8edit Tue 2021-08-17Marcus Reinhard7-Karen Davis4.68 - 4.80Counts for both players
9edit Tue 2021-08-17Thomas Myhr-7Ryan Rebelo3.57 - 4.47Counts for both players
10edit Tue 2021-08-17Ryan Rebelo-7Karen Davis1.61 - 3.91Counts for both players
11edit Tue 2021-08-17Ali Cetin Belene7-Dirk Schiemann3.64 - 3.11Counts for both players
12edit Tue 2021-08-17Anders Marcussen-7Tim Cross4.59 - 3.57Counts for both players
13edit Tue 2021-08-17Ryan Rebelo7-Zdeněk Žižka1.69 - 1.59Counts for both players
14edit Tue 2021-08-17Marcus Reinhard7-Simon Barget4.33 - 3.41Counts for both players
15edit Tue 2021-08-17Ali Cetin Belene-7Tony Diamantidis2.82 - 4.56Counts for both players
16edit Tue 2021-08-17Anders Marcussen-7Marc Olsen8.28 - 1.28Counts for both players
17edit Tue 2021-08-17Anders Marcussen-7Tony Diamantidis4.19 - 1.58Counts for both players
18edit Tue 2021-08-17Ali Cetin Belene7-Tim Cross3.23 - 3.98Counts for both players
19edit Tue 2021-08-17Simon Barget-7Dirk Schiemann1.76 - 2.81Counts for both players
20edit Tue 2021-08-17Ali Cetin Belene-7Marc Olsen1.65 - 0.69Counts for both players
21edit Tue 2021-08-17Thomas Myhr7-Tim Cross2.71 - 2.30Counts for both players
22edit Tue 2021-08-17Dirk Schiemann7-Karen Davis2.05 - 4.25Counts for both players
23edit Tue 2021-08-17Simon Barget-7Kazuki Yokota4.69 - 2.70Counts for both players
24edit Tue 2021-08-17Zdeněk Žižka-7Tim Cross5.56 - 5.31Counts for both players
25edit Tue 2021-08-17Ryan Rebelo7-Simon Barget8.65 - 2.72Counts for both players
26edit Tue 2021-08-17Marc Olsen7-Thomas Myhr4.49 - 4.35Counts for both players
27edit Tue 2021-08-17Tony Diamantidis-7Thomas Myhr4.59 - 5.13Counts for both players
28edit Tue 2021-08-17Marcus Reinhard-7Ali Cetin Belene4.83 - 5.37Counts for both players
29edit Tue 2021-08-17Kazuki Yokota7-Anders Marcussen2.50 - 4.83Counts for both players
30edit Tue 2021-08-17Zdeněk Žižka7-Marc Olsen2.28 - 3.30Counts for both players
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